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August 15, 2022   |   Tagged Coaching,

Patience Under Pressure: 4 Ways to Become More Patient

Basketball tips improve patience

How to develop greater patience

"Patience is not your ability to wait, but how you act while waiting.” Joyce Meyers

In the NBC Basketball training with students and staff, the most selected trait for improvement is patience. It is a quality most of us would like to have more of. The word comes directly from the Latin meaning to endure suffering. People who are impatient cannot manage pain and are described by the tendency to blow up, snap, lose it, or people who are easily angered and annoyed.

In sports, patience is necessary to become great. Not only the patience to endure painful situations like defensive wave drills, workouts, and weightlifting but also the patience to wait for change to occur.

Patience is a key quality of people who have grit and tenacity. They don’t give up one dream to pursue another dream when things get challenging. Skillful players stick with it rain or shine with patience to know challenging work does eventually pay off.

Here are four ways to Improve your patience

1. Manage your pain. We blow up when we “can’t take any more.” Pay attention to how full your frustration tank is getting. Work hard to find ways to decompress. Breathing, prayer, mindfulness, taking a walk or run, and laughing all help you manage your pain. Therapy performed to help improve people’s level of patience involves helping increase a person’s tolerance of pain. People working to improve their level of patience are placed in a room and subjected to mild shocks growing in intensity to the pain level of a bee sting. They gain greater patience the more they can manage themselves in pain.

2. Get rid of bitterness. Bitterness is the pain you haven’t dealt with those lives in your spirit like a plaque in your arteries. The more bitterness you have, the more likely you will have a serious meltdown.

3. Improve your ability to delay gratification. Pick something that is tempting for you that you have a tough time resisting such as sugar, caffeine, watching TV, playing video games, shopping, or other pleasurable but addicting behaviors. Remove this from your life for two to three weeks while you work on self-control. How does your character change? How irritable do you get? This is a good indication of your character and dependence on pleasure to soothe yourself.

4. Focus on the journey, not on the external results. Vertical jump training takes at least 18 months to start seeing meaningful results. Most people quit because it takes so long. Be patient, you will reap what you sow.

About NBC Basketball

NBC stands for Nothing Beats Commitment and is based on the philosophy that your heart and mind are more important to train than the body. In basketball, if an athlete's passion and focus are not there, the workouts are wasted. The discipline and habit of becoming committed to a practice of excellence are necessary for success on and off the court. If you believe in the importance of mental toughness, gratitude, vision, skill mastery, self-discipline, and forming quality life habits, NBC Basketball is the perfect place for you. Not everyone is talented, but everyone can become talented through wisdom and intentional practice. NBC Basketball offers many options for improvement including overnight basketball camps, specialty camps, shooting camps, team camps, college prep camps, travel teams, and more. Find out more at www.nbccamps.com/basketball.

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