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How to create great life habits

At NBC Basketball we want athletes to understand that our habits reveal our future potential. NBC stands for nothing beats commitment and the understanding that our daily commitments which become our daily habits reveal our future selves.

Take a look at your daily habits, not just the obvious ones but also the ones that most people don’t recognize—the habits of how you speak to yourself and others, the habits of anger or joy, the habit of arguing or encouraging. 

Here are a few ways to build more dynamic and life giving habits.

Be deliberate about your environment. What do you listen to, what do you watch, what spaces are you creating for yourself, who are your advisors and where are you getting counsel? Take time to evaluate all the information that is coming to you on a daily basis. What is the summary of the messages you are receiving daily?

Be deliberate about your time. Few things in life feel more disappointing than frittered time. We hate wasted time, yet there is a real joy that can emerge out of a moment you didn’t imagine. Perhaps the wasted time that is the most painful are the moments we spend being angry, frustrated, irritated or upset. Perhaps our overscheduled lives spent wanting every minute to be meaningful, magical and important has robbed us of the ability to view the importance of being people who find meaning in the mundane, the frustrating or the difficult. Wanting every minute of our day to be perfect is a recipe for an angry and unfulfilled life.

Be deliberate this year about how much you spend your life in anxiety, anger, frustration, bitterness and complaint and instead work to live in joy, gratitude, peace and kindness no matter what is happening in your day.

Deliberate about your oxygen. At camp, we talk about encouragement like oxygen. If you walk into a room that has no life, no energy, there is no oxygen. You change this by breathing life into the room by the words you speak and the way you talk. How do you breathe life into your friends, family, school, work and team? Do you know what gives life to those around you? Encouragement is your ability to bring courage to those you lead. Encouragement is oxygen. 

About NBC Basketball 

NBC Basketball is a program created in 1971 expanding now to 6 countries. NBC has basketball camps, travel teams, rookie and beginner camps, Advanced and College Basketball Prep camps, clinics and more. If you love basketball and believe in the importance of building strong life habits, you will love NBC Basketball.  NBC Camps offers training in other sports as well including volleyball, soccer and lacrosse. Visit for more information.

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