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Mission and Philosophy

Simple Mission: Help you become a better player and better person

We want to help you improve your skills, self-confidence, self-discipline, and work ethic. We want the privilege of helping you excel on and off the court, to be thankful, grateful for the opportunity to learn, mentally tough, enthusiastic about life and excited for the opportunity to build and develop talent. Getting better is a choice.

NBC Camps philosophy on helping you get better:

  1. Create an optimal learning environment. We see the value in saturating you in skill training, removing you from your normal daily life, and placing you in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and intensity. When your senses are heightened, you absorb information faster and learn quicker.
  2. Hire staff who care and want to invest in your game. Some people are great athletes but terrible coaches, some coaches are famous but critical and damaging. Philosophically, NBC Camps will always hire a coach who understands how to coach and motivate. We believe you excel when you focus on what is working, not when you become frustrated and intimidated by what is not working. True coaching requires the ability to teach, correct, and encourage.
  3. Design drills which elevate skill mastery. You get better through repetition, verbalization, and intensity. At NBC Camps, we believe athletes are made not born. We feel you have the potential to achieve excellence on and off the court or field. We get excited to help you realize how talent is developed and expanded. We have the tools to help you master even the most difficult skills. We believe you have the capacity to become the best person you can be. We believe the best learning happens on the court or field.
  4. Help you become a leader who makes everyone around you better. The leadership philosophy at NBC Camps is servant leadership which aspires to build leaders who know how to call others to a place of excellence. Servant leaders make their team stronger because of their leadership and example. We want to help you become a fearless and confident leader who then in turn leads others to become more fearless and confident. Every team should be better because you are on it.
  5. Train your mind and heart. At NBC we believe sports should bring out the best in people, not the worst yet we see many examples in our culture where that is not reality. Character is as important to develop as shooting mechanics. At NBC Camps we value courage, hard work, respect, self-discipline, gratitude, enthusiasm, mental toughness, solid faith, and the importance of family. NBC Camps is based on Christian values. We believe it is crucial to develop physically, mentally, relationally, and spiritually. Training your mind and heart can strengthen you to go through any difficulty and call you to a better way of living.

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