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Volleyball girls team

Tips for Camp

We are excited to have you at camp!

Here are 10 good things to know:

  1. Be sure to come in shape and ready to play.
  2. Don't buy brand new shoes before coming. Wearing new shoes can cause blisters.
  3. Be sure to bring clothes for different kinds of weather. The NBC Store may have options available.
  4. Bring a notebook so you can take notes on what you are learning.
  5. Bring sunscreen and a fan.
  6. Don't forget your stamped envelope and letter. We will be writing a letter home. Do not fill this out before time. Parents: help your camper address the envelop home if he/she needs help.
  7. Do not forget to bring a signed copy of our medical release waivers.
  8. Know your eating, showering, sleeping, and athletic goals.
  9. Be calm and relaxed.
  10. Get ready to have the time of your life.

Parents of Younger Athletes

Here are tips you can do to help your athlete have a great week of camp:

  1. Help recruit a friend to come to camp. Your son or daughter will enjoy the experience more with a friend.
  2. Plan. Plan with your son or daughter what snacks you feel comfortable with them purchasing and how many are accessible for them to buy. Talk with your son or daughter about hygiene (brushing teeth every day, showering etc..). Help them address the envelop home. Letter writing is part of a leadership training event at camp.
  3. Purchase a quality basketball. Please try and purchase a good quality ball, as it doesn't cost much more than a rubber ball. Rubber balls are generally not used for games. Spend the $10 or $20 dollars more for a good ball. The NBC Pure Shooting Ball is a great product, which is available in the Hoopgear Package and at camp. The ball should be appropriate for indoor and out. The deeper the channels the better the ball.
  4. For volleyball, please purchase a better quality ball, one that isn't super hard especially for beginning athletes. We recommend the Baden volleyball.
  5. Don't worry. For many parents, leaving their kids at camp can be a stressful event. Your worry can be a burden to your child and actually cause him or her to be fretful. Camp can be a fantastic experience to build self-confidence, courage and important life skills. Your child needs you to believe in him or her enough so he or she can experience life and grow stronger, wiser, and more of a leader.
  6. Emphasize personal growth over awards. Awards build a dependency on external validation. The number one goal we have for your son or daughter is he/she leave camp a better person and player. An All-Star award may actually hinder that goal. We’ve seen athletes who don’t get an award work all year, pushing themselves to receive it the next year. That motivation was invaluable for their development. Pray for your children to experience a week where they experience what they need to become a stronger, better person and player.

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