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About NBC Camps

The NBC Camps mission is to equip every camper with the intrinsic tools to rise above any challenge, to overcome any adversity on or off the court.

NBC Camps celebrates 50 years of training athletes to succeed on and off the court.

Camps are located in six countries and offer training in basketball and volleyball. NBC Camps also offer some programing in lacrosse, the fine arts, and leadership.

Core Values of NBC Camps
1. Exceed Expectations Always. At NBC Camps, we say EEA. Every aspect of camp is done to the best of our ability.

2. Operate from peace. We want our environment to be the optimum place to learn which requires a safe space for campers to learn, explore, make mistakes, try again, and feel they have coaches who believe they are a miracle.

3. Learn by doing teaching philosophy. We don't spend lots of time in the classroom or watching "pro" athletes demonstrate drills. We want to get athletes active and engaged all day long. Camp is more intensive than average programs and athletes should expect to go hard within reasonable limits based on age and ability.

4. Attitude is tops at NBC. Our staff will bench the best player who has a bad attitude every time. Character, integrity, quality speaking, acting, and behaving are crucial at NBC Camps.

5. Mind, heart, and spirit. Each day at camp there is a teaching emphasis with time for goal setting, group discussions, video presentations, life stories, and intentional ways to help athletes achieve success on and off the court through training in gratitude, goals, mental toughness, building stronger families and friendship, and developing a strong personal faith that gives you strength to encounter any challenge.

The easiest way to learn about NBC Camps would be to watch this video. At NBC Camps we believe in the power of story and the importance of seeing every camper as a person. Here are two stories that will give you the best indication of the mission and purpose of NBC.

Here is a video of a story of a camper who walked on at Gonzaga and became the heart of Gonzaga Basketball. His story speaks to our belief in challenging work, resilience, and having people to encourage us to keep dreaming.

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NBC - Nothing Beats Commitment

NBC Camps began as Northwest Basketball Camp in Cusick, Washington in 1971. Coach Fred Crowell had a dream to pair intensive basketball skill development with the importance of encouragement, enthusiasm, self-discipline, and gratitude.

Since 1971, hundreds of thousands of campers have come to camp. Northwest Basketball Camp has become Nothing Beats Commitment Camps focused on helping campers find the courage to be committed to a life of excellence. For 50 years, we have committed to training better players and better people.

What makes NBC Camps so unique?

What is an excellent life - a life that isn't about perfection or external success as much as it is about the internal qualities of living life with gratitude, mental toughness, the strength of character, grit, and the will to overcome any difficulty with dignity and confidence.

NBC Camps offer intensive training for basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and the fine arts.

NBC Camps are unique in the world of sports because we combine world-class sport specific training with psychological and spiritual training. This means skill mastery: emotional intelligence skill development in developing confidence, courage, self-discipline, and integrity.

  • We train the total athlete.
  • Hard work pays off is a key motto at NBC Camps.
  • We coach specifically to the needs of the player.

NBC Camps emphasize the importance of goal setting, gratitude, positive attitude, integrity, forgiveness, leadership, and strong personal faith. Camps are founded on Christian principles including a belief in Jesus Christ. Campers from all faiths attend. Every camper is important, one we value and honor.

Camps range from 3-5 days, with a very specific mission - the NBC Trivium.

We teach according to the needs of each athlete.

High School Athletes - Now is your time. We want to help you stand out from the crowd. We want to give you the tools to know what it takes to be a true game-changer on and off the court. Your team should be better because you are on it. Your leadership should be transformative. Your dreams are important to us, and we want to help you achieve what you are designed to be. If you are a leader who changes the team because of your skill and leadership, you are a player coaches must have on the court. Main NBC Trivium Focus: Transformational Leadership

Junior High Athletes - You are in the prime position to build your understanding of the game. You need solid fundamentals with an awakening of how to play this game well. The beginning of wisdom starts for you. Let us help you create a habit of great decisions on and off the court. Junior High is one of the most vulnerable times in life. We can help you launch your path in sports and in life with success. Main NBC Trivium Focus: Wise Decisions

Elementary Athletes - You are in the most rapid physical skill-building time of your life. Your habits today will build who you are tomorrow. In five days, you can walk away from NBC Camps with amazing habits in such a short amount of time. Correct fundamentals in skills and attitude are your foundation for the future. Main NBC Trivium Focus: Life Habits

Nothing Beats Commitment: What NBC Camps Stands For

Proven Transformational Process - We are thankful for the many campers throughout the years who have experienced transformation on and off the court and credit NBC Camps for their transformation.

Advanced Skill Development - NBC Camps offers advanced skill development for competitive athletes. Campers from around the world attend our programs. Our College Basketball Prep Camp offers the most advanced training available for those who desire to play at the college level and beyond.

Habit Training - NBC Camps offers insightful ways to build quality habits. For our younger or beginning athlete, we help give you a strong foundation for healthy habits on and off the court. For junior high, high school and college players, we help you identify bad habits and give you accessible ways to build strong, healthy habits.

Leadership Training - We desire every athlete to become a strong leader on and off the court. We give you tools to improve in this crucial skill.

Communication Training - Part of becoming a better athlete and player is your ability to communicate well with coaches and teammates. NBC Camps has been providing communication training for over 40 years with transformative results.

Interactive Training Sessions - We believe if you aren't engaged as a learner, you won't learn. All our teaching involves interaction and camper involvement.

Evaluation Games and Tools - NBC Camps provides personal evaluation for our campers with direction on how to improve. Our camp sessions are created to give you insight on ways to elevate your game. Our coaches are skilled at helping you learn to assess and evaluate your game and what you need to do to advance.

Training on Reading Defense and Attacking the Basket - Elevating basketball IQ and learning to read and react to defense and become an offensive threat is a main priority for all our basketball camp programs.

Attitude and Mental training - NBC Camps has been a leader for over 50 years teaching the importance and power of attitude, visualization, and mental training. Our surveys continue to speak to the gratitude our campers feel for the attitude and mental training they have received at NBC Camps.

Limited Enrollment - We believe in the importance of every camper leaving a stronger player and person. Every camper has a name and a need and our coaches invest in knowing and investing in your life and dreams.

Competitive Games Designed for Player Transformation - NBC Camps does not believe games without instruction and careful coaching can elevate play. You do what you know. Games alone cannot elevate skills. Our games at camp are played for the purpose of helping you transform.

NBC Basketball Camps

NBC Basketball Camps are located all around the world. We are in over 50 cities and 6 countries. Experience the intensity, Christian atmosphere, leadership training and skill training excellence at basketball camp this summer. NBC Camps offers many different types of basketball camps including our most popular camp–Complete Player Camps as well as many specialty and Elite camps. The Complete Player Camps focus on total skill development including training in all areas of basketball as well as leadership and life excellence training. Specialty camps include Pure Shooting & Offensive Skills Camp which trains athletes to become the ultimate scorer; Position Specific Camps for advanced training at the guard, wing and post player position; All-Star & Elite Camps, Total Camp and High School Team camps, and NBC Camps' most advanced camp, College Basketball Prep Camp and the International Exposure Camp for athletes who plan to play at the college level.

NBC Volleyball Camps

In the last 5 years, NBC Volleyball camps have grown to include 16 camps in 9 locations throughout the US and Canada. Kim Lauwers, National Coach of the year, leads the way with her volleyball camps which are consistently sold out in Anchorage, Alaska. NBC volleyball camps focus on individual skill development, volleyball IQ, leadership training, and intensity. Improve your skills and life at volleyball camp!

NBC International Travel Teams

NBC Camps began sending traveling teams overseas in 1977. Athletes compete against international teams, tour beautiful historic sites, and gain an experience of a lifetime. NBC travel teams have visited South America, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

NBC Camps History

Beginning in 1971 as Northwest Basketball Camp, founder Fred Crowell began the first camp held in Cusick, Washington with 108 campers. At the age of twenty-three, Crowell became one of the youngest Division 1 coaches in America. Under his coaching, University of Alaska Fairbanks had its first winning season in the college history. He left Alaska and joined Campus Crusade for Christ as the first coach for Athletes in Action, a program facing top 20 NCAA teams night after night, sharing a message of community and wholeness, and developing into an exhibition team with one of the most wins in history.

Crowell dreamed of a basketball camp that would train athletes to win both on and off the court. He wanted a program that would provide the best basketball training, create an atmosphere of encouragement, hard work, respect and compassion, and teach athletes to compete not only physically but with their hearts and minds. Coach Crowell combined his background of Division 1 coaching with his psychology background as a former family counselor. He wanted to give athletes an edge to physically, mentally and spiritually achieve the disciplined life of excellence. Many told Crowell his idea of combining athletics, faith and values were unrealistic. Now, over 50 years later, Crowell’s dream has become reality as his vision has expanded to include multiple sports with over 10,000 athletes competing in NBC Camps programs around the world.

NBC Camps has grown to become one of the largest overnight basketball and volleyball programs in the world. NBC Camps has also provided instruction in lacrosse and soccer. Over the past 50 years, NBC has trained over 400,000 athletes. Located in the U.S., Austria, Canada, UK, Thailand, Japan, Nicaragua, and Italy, NBC Camps is dedicated to elevating personal excellence on and off the court. Our goal is to teach athletes how to compete with confidence, high skill level, and intensity. NBC Camps focuses on building the total athlete mentally, physically, relationally, and spiritually.

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