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"For a young person's development - both on and off the court - the NBC Camps are a "must attend". Each camper receives quality basketball and life lessons from instructors who genuinely care!" Lon Kruger, Head Basketball Coach, University of Oklahoma

"As a former camper and coach at NBC Camps, I can’t think of a situation that would be more beneficial for a basketball player than NBC Camp." Ryan Carr, Head Scout Indiana Pacers

"As a freshman, I was only 5'2" and 95 pounds. NBC Camps inspired me, despite my obvious limitations at that time, to make the dream of playing Division I basketball a reality. Because of the focus of life skills and top level basketball skill development, I credit NBC Camps with making me not only a better player, but a better person." Shann Ferch, Division I athlete and Pro player Germany's highest level

"NBC CAMPS has done a great job of setting themselves apart from their competition. I don’t think anyone would disagree that they give their campers not only great basketball instruction, but also an unforgettable EXPERIENCE. Their evening programs and summer themes are life-changing. My amazing parents will tell you that they consider NBC Camps to be one of the best investments they ever made in my life." Mike Nilson, Former Gonzaga Elite 8 WCC defensive player of the year European Pro

I just wanted to send a little note to say thank you. This summer was incredible. I was challenged beyond what I anticipated. I was stretched in my faith. I made so many new friends and connections. I got to see more of our beautiful country. I was affected by the stories of so many campers. I grew immensely in my coaching and leadership skills. And I was absolutely exhausted at the end of it all, but I had so, so much fun. Thank you so much for setting it all up and sending me off this summer. It truly was a blessing to be immersed in the NBC culture, to experience it differently at the various sites, to walk through the challenges that presented themselves and to grow. Thank you! Love from London Cara Olden, European Player

"My name is Angela and I am a professional basketball coach in Rome. My passion is basketball. At one point, my desire was to be one of Italy’s best players. The highlight of my career was when Italy defeated the USA in the 1993 World Games. I have played basketball at the highest level and I have experienced many great learning opportunities. Today my motivation is to coach Italy’s Olympic team. When I saw NBC Camps for the first time, I knew this would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about coaching basketball, especially the technical and motivational aspects of the game. This past summer I spent 10 days in the United States at Crowell’s Intensity Camp. NBC Camps is fantastic. Being part of NBC Camps is one of the best experiences of my life and I am a better coach for it. NBC Camps will make you a better player, but more importantly, you will be a better person." Angela Vavotici, Professional Coach-Italy NBC College Prep Coach

"Choosing to attend NBC Camps was perhaps the single most important decision I made as a young student in molding my future. As a camper, I was challenged to discover that I could push myself much further than I ever thought possible. I was fortunate enough to earn a full scholarship to play college basketball, and it was because of the foundation I gained at NBC." Rhett Soliday, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Vanguard University of Southern California

"As a kid with big dreams of playing basketball at the highest level, my best friend and I attended NBC Camps. It was an amazing opportunity to improve my basketball skills with awesome coaches, but also develop myself personally and spiritually. Being at an overnight camp was such a fun and unique experience and I remember feeling mature because I was on my own but also safe. NBC Camps is a hoop junkie’s paradise!!" Clint Hordemann, Former College Player; Boise State University VP of Player Development; Idaho Select Basketball

"It was a tremendous experience being a part of the NBC Camp... this camp will have a lasting impact on everyone that was involved!" Mike Wilks, WAC Player of the Year 8 Yr NBA Veteran

"Before working with NBC Camps, I'd never ever seen any organization effectively combine life skills and basketball training. Usually either the basketball is weak or the character piece absent. The NBC Way is the straight up truth when it comes to developing the whole athlete - person and player." Norman Coulter, Founder of 6IXTH MAN Curriculum Consulting Coaching

"NBC Camps is all about excellence on and off the court. For the past 11 years I have seen both boys and girls make drastic changes in their basketball game and in their lives as well. NBC camps instill a much better work ethic in your game all while emphasizing doing the right thing on and off the court. Who would not want to send their son or daughter to such and incredible camp! NBC Camps teaches Basketball fundamentals and also lays a great foundation to succeed in life." Coach Jon King, Simpson University Head Men’s Basketball Coach

"When I think back on all of the experiences and moments that have made a huge impact on my life, one that comes to mind was attending NBC Basketball Camps. NBC Camps helped lay the foundation of the man I want to be and the man that I have become." Gabriel S. Cagwin, Ph.D. Former Camper UCLA Athletics

"The summer of August, 2014 our son and family had the most amazing experience at our very first NBC College Basketball Prep Camp in Newberg and McMinnville, Oregon. Our son Rakeem Hughey was taught much needed basketball skills by some very great coaches, the father and son team, Jay and Fred Crowell.TThey taught the kids to believe in and trust God for what you need. Second thing they taught them was to believe in themselves. Third, if you want something bad enough you must first work twice as hard as everyone else on a consistent basis. There is never time off, work-out everyday. At the end of the day or game as parents we need to just love our kids when they have done their very best and let them hear that from us. We need to communicate we love them no matter if they win or lose.We have not meet a more honorable group of men and coaches that only want to help kids get better. They helped our son improve in one week transform things we couldn't get him to even recognize that he needed to improve in his game. They taught the kids to be honorable and respectable young men and women.This is by far one of the best camps our son has ever attended. The Crowell family rock for what they do with these kids. We would give them five stars. Rakeem Hughey came home motivated and ready to take care of business. He can't wait to attend all the camps next summer. He evens wants to help coach other kids at the camp in the near future." Rakeem, Rodney, and Vandale Hughey

"Although I didn't realize it at the time, NBC camps played a huge role in shaping me into the woman I am today. The camp leaders were amazing role models who I looked up to and who truly cared about me. They taught me to set goals and achieve them, to develop as a basketball player, to make smart life choices off the court. There is no better atmosphere for a child to grow up and mature in." Jami (Bjorkland) Schaefer, Former Gonzaga University Player

"If I sum it all up, NBC camps adds up to only months of my adolescence and early college years, but the impacts and effects NBC had on me will literally last a lifetime. In junior high, I was an awkward, big-footed, no talent, unconfident young man who desperately loved basketball and yet still had big dreams of playing in college. Summer after summer, NBC gave me the skills and the confidence to progress as a sound basketball player year after year and eventually excel to become that collegiate player." Landen Grant, Former Camper College Athlete

"All five members of my family have been connected to NBC Basketball Camps in one way or another at various times over the past 35 years. Most importantly, these experiences reinforced within our family core spiritual values, and secondly were instrumental in the fundamental development of two of my sons who went on to play basketball at the collegiate level. Prominently displayed upon the business desk of each today (one a banker the other a lawyer) are the golden rulers that each earned as young campers - symbolic of NBC Camp's commitment to the total development of its participants." Bill Ayers, Former High School Coach

"I have worked and have known about NBC camp for 30 years this summer. I can say that it is the Best basketball camp that you can send your kids to. They not only teach basketball skills but also about the game of life. Your child can experience a life changing week while at NBC camp. They will come away not only a better basketball player but also a better person." Jeff Hironaka, Washington State University Men's Assistant Basketball Coach

"NBC has had a tremendous impact on my life as a coach and as a person. When I was in high school, my brothers and I always looked forward to our one week at camp. I am grateful for the testimony and example of the many coaches that I had throughout the years. Professionally as a basketball coach, NBC gave me the foundation in fundamentals that I needed to become a successful coach. Not only was I personally taught these fundamentals, but also many of the coaches I played for or worked with were products of the NBC system. The NBC legacy of basketball excellence has been passed down to the third and fourth generations, and I am proud to be a part of that tradition." Aaron Spuler, High School Coach

"NBC Camps is an experience any aspiring basketball player needs to have. It promotes and teaches fundamental basketball, while equipping its campers with the life skills they need to be successful in today’s world. You will not find a better camp at breaking down the game of basketball in an exciting, hardworking atmosphere. Your camper will not return the same." Sammy Shackett, Assistant Coach, Cascade Christian Girls

"I went to your camp over 20 years ago and have never forgotten the wonderful experience. I have been wanting to get my daughters into your camp so they could have the same experience I had so many years ago. I will also never forget the motivational speeches. Thanks for the awesome experience, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your camp." Lynette Adamson, Larsen Former Camper

"NBC was a part of my life each summer as a young boy; challenging me to compete and grow as a player and a person. As a father, it was important for me to have my own children under that same influence, and for 10 summers my own girls have attended NBC. Finally, as a high school coach, NBC is an annual event for my team. It is a necessary part of my program. NBC’s focus on the total person is the differentiating factor for me. My kids are loved, respected, and challenged; the necessary ingredients for success. " Nate Riggan, CPA Former Camper and Coach

"NBC changed my life as a camper and taught me amazing work ethic. I do not believe that I would have become the player/person I did without learning how to really push myself at NBC Camps, not only on the court but in life. " Lindsay Petersen, Former Camper

"When Jacob, our oldest son was 9 years old my wife and I made a challenging decision. We put Jacob on an airplane by himself from Seattle to Spokane. We trusted the people at NBC Camps to take care of our son. Looking back over these past 15 years, my wife and I can say without reservation that NBC Camps has been the single best investment in the lives of our three children Jacob, Megan, and Jonnie. We believe the success of raising healthy and productive children requires partnering with quality people and organizations like NBC Camps. We have not found any other organization that matches NBC Camps dedication to partnering with parents to help our children win in the game of life." Frank Washburn, Former High School Principal

"As a coach, I love NBC Team Camp because it provides the perfect balance between individual skill work, growth as a team on the floor and the opportunity to discuss, implement and practice positive character traits. My players who have loved the camp experience all “get it”. They understand that all parts of the camp experience are important and valuable for overall team success. Those players who don’t enjoy NBC Team Camp have consistently been difficult teammates – unwilling to become part of the greater whole of our team. How my team plays in the tournaments on the final day of team camp has been an amazing predictor of how we will finish in the next state tournament." Greg Oldham, Former High School Coach YVCC, Men’s Assistant Coach

"I believe that NBC camps are the best there is for kids! My two sons attended the basketball camp for years - back in the 1980's when NBC first came to Alaska. And my grandson has now also attended basketball camps in Alaska as well as Spokane and Oregon. The camps have been a highlight of their basketball careers. And I was so thankful for a quality camp for them to attend. Not only does the camp teach excellent basketball skills, but also life skills. I have recommended NBC camps to many kids and parents over the years and will continue to do so! It's the best!!!" Peggy Lasher, Parent

"If you want an incredible team basketball camp that offers everything you want for your team, then you will want to experience NBC camps! NBC provides an energetic, intense, and positive atmosphere all week long. Not only are teams challenged in their team play, chemistry, and strategies, but individual players will also be challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually. NBC staff works right alongside the coach to provide a challenging and positive experience for their team. Speaking from many years of experience of bringing my teams to NBC camps, we have never experienced anything but the utmost quality, instruction, and motivation. It is a must do!" Beth Wing, Former High School Coach

"NBC Camps are about excitement, passion, sports improvement, life skills, friends and fun! If you choose NBC your expectations will be exceeded and you’ll receive a lifetime experience." Steve Pence, CEO – NBC Camps; President – Nike Sports Camps

"My son has never worked so hard at a camp, and I thought for sure he would not want to repeat it, but on the contrary he would have lived there. The coaching staff was a perfect blend of intense, kind, strong, dedicated, and tough. He thoroughly enjoyed his experience and we will definitely be back next year, hopefully some of the staff will too!!" Bridget Lepley, Parent of Camper

"Wonderful camp! Highly recommend for all players! NBC has great staff, kids learn a lot and greatly improve their game. Christian based camp that helps build character! Our son earned the Golden Ruler Award and we are so proud!! We've enjoyed the experience so much we're sending him to another NBC camp next week!!" Lee Young, Parent of Camper

"Just returned from the Girls High School Competitive/All Star Elite Camp at Rocky Mountain College, WOW, what an experience! I think this is my fifth year with NBC and I am just as impressed as I was the first year. The level of instruction, intensity and coaching has grown with my game, making this camp the BEST one I attend each year. If you are looking to become a complete player, with the hopes of playing beyond High School, I highly recommend NBC CAMPS. " Alexa Hubbard, Camper

"For the past 5 years i have gone to 8 NBC camps in billings, MT and Spangle, WA and every year i come back with new skills. Some camps I come back about the same skill level but here I always become better." Mike Gagen, Camper

"I recommend NBC camps to anyone who wishes to participate in Basketball during the school year. I am 12 years old and I learned so much about what I am capable accomplishing that I do want to attend next year and hopefully become a regular camp attendee. Thank you for the wonderful experience and I look forward to seeing you all again." Terry Sandcrane, Camper

"I love the camp. I look forward to coming back year after year. I just finished my fourth year and love it. I am hoping I will be able to return as a coach in the future." Jamie Soiseth, Camper

"My son has been at this camp for 3 years now and not only has his game improved, he has became a young gentleman as well. Thank you NBC for your role you have played in that. Thanks again." Scott Grubb, Parent of a Camper

"NBC Camps is the place to send your child to become a better athlete, and an even better person. They will spend all week being mentally, physically & spiritually challenged. It is just the right combination of structure, motivation, and self direction. I look forward to continued involvement in the NBC program. As a parent, and coach, I will always cherish the time I spend with my own child and the children of others at NBC. They are all "Miracles"." Louise McKnight, Parent of a Camper and Coach

"If you are looking for a camp that encourages strong moral values in athletes while teaching them quality skills NBC Camp is a great choice. It is so refreshing to send your child to a sports camp and have them return excited about sports and about being a good person. I love the religious influence. NBC Camp will always have great memories for my daughter." Shelly Fisher, Parent of a Camper

"At this camp you not only learn about your goals in your sport, you learn about your goals in life. " Linsey Courtney, Camper

"This camp is so much fun!!! You learn so much and they don't pressure you very much. The games are so much fun too. The food is good and there is no doubt that you will have a ton of fun." Cailyn Cattell, Camper

"I have sent my sons to this camp for two years and every time I am proud to say the camp has not let me down. Kids today can look at the NBA players and say just what I said when I was a kid, "I want to be like them right now." The coaches at this camp kept my sons heads out of the clouds and firmly planted on planted Earth. I hesitated to send them to a boy/girl camp but the experience has helped them grow." Donte' and JaQuille Robinson, Parents of Campers

"If you ever get the chance to go to or be involved with NBC Camps I would highly suggest that you take advantage of that opportunity. I have no idea where I would be without NBC Camps. Thank you so much Fred Crowell!" Claire J. Hammond, Camper

"My son had greatly improved B-ball skills at the end of camp but more important I could see that he had grown as a person. He wrote a heartfelt letter to me from camp that I will frame and cherish forever. Thank you so much!" Chris Allen Tigard, Parent of Camper

"My kids have been attending NBC basketball camps for the past 5 years. Both love going and never want it to end. The one year that my daughter had a coach that sucked all the fun out of basketball was the one year that NBC camps saved her basketball dreams. She came back from camp that year with her love of the game back, her motivation to excel back, several new friends and increased skill level on top of all that. I recommend NBC camps to everyone I know and have recruited 6 kids to go to these camps." Shonette Benson, Youth Coach & Parent of Campers

"NBC camps have been a great inspiration for our son. He has attended for the past 2 years and has gained many life skills as well as basketball skills. We definitely would recommend this experience for anyone who wants to enrich their basketball experience." Sharrol & Vince, Parents of camper and Seth, Camper

"This kind of camp is fantastic for boys and girls of all ages as it teaches them foot speed and balance as well as the importance of core strength. It also challenges both side of their brain and helps to develop quick twitch muscle fibers. My son really enjoyed this camp. I also like the messages that NBC delivers to all campers such as "goal setting, attitude, and leadership. I also appreciate their Christian principles that were passed on to my son. Also and most importantly, a very sincere Thank you to Mark Johnson, camp Director and Henry Barrera, their skills instructor. My son and my nephew really enjoyed their positive attitudes and sense of humor. Great camp and Best wishes!" Ted Lindsley, Parent of Campers

"NBC Camps are not just for becoming a better athlete. They want you to become a better person. Period." Lisa Slevin Pierce, Camper

"This is the best camp I've ever been to the staff is great the coaches are first rate. It is just an amazing environment! The life lessons they teach you will stick forever. The life lessons are by far more important than anything they could have taught me basketball wise. I am truly grateful for CIC basketball camp." Ben Wall, Camper

"I have been to a lot of camps and College Prep Camp is special because they teach the whole athlete not just basketball skills, but life skills as well as psychological part of the game. I really enjoyed coach Washburn and his positive coaching as well as the rest of the staff. They were all awesome in their own way!" Cameron Michael, Camper

"This is the third year I have sent my son to NBC camps, with College Basketball Prep Camp being the choice this year. Each year he has improved dramatically and the experience has proven an advantage for Sean as he competes for playing time on a talented varsity team. It is worth flying him across the country for this experience, and I will do so again." Pat Cushman, Parent of Camper

"We travel at great expense from Hawaii every year to attend NBC Basketball Camps. The profound impact of these camps, the staffs, the coaches, the other campers greatly overshadows the impact of the coaches and teams my daughter experiences during the other 50 weeks of the year." Matt Dixon, Parent of Camper

"I got injured the 4th day of camp. Just a bad sprain. The trainers were on it. Felt very taken care of. My mom was not worried after talking to the coach. He assured her things were fine and they were on it. I felt very confident in the way things like this are handled at camp. It was unfortunate and I was bummed but boy this was the ultimate camp. Hopefully I can come back next year and have more than 4 days of the best basketball experience ever. Here's to Ryan, my favorite coach and great mentor. Thanks for everything!" Trenton Palmer, Camper

"NBC Camps are the best camps around! Not only do they help make you become an outstanding basketball player but they focus on providing the foundation to become an exceptional individual. We have sent our son every year for the last 8 years & he's ready to go back next year!" Karen Swartout, Parent of Camper

"The energy and new found confidence that our son returned home with is invaluable! He now has the refined skills, plus mental mind to now take on the Big Dogs and have them follow him. Thank you so much for caring for each camper the way your Coaches' do, wonderful experience and very well organized." Gina Scrima, Parent of Camper

"NBC camp was an experience that I'll never be able to replace, or forget. It was amazing. The coaches were amazing, the girls were great, and it was definitely worth the price! I learned so much about volleyball, and myself. I would recommend NBC camps to anyone and everyone!" Justine Collier, Camper

"Camp was awesome!! I wish I hadn't of waited until my senior year to go. I would recommend this camp to anyone who wants to not only improve on their volleyball skills, but also learn life lessons." Ashley Kennedy, Camper

"I know this is not a faith based camp but my daughter loved talking about God with her friends while she was there. I was a really well rounded camp with a lot of hard playing and wonderful bonding experiences." Leticia Swanson, Parent of Camper

"This was a wonderful experience for my daughter. Not only did she become a better volleyball player, but she learned what she was capable of as an individual and how she could assist and motivate others. The life skills and spiritual aspect of the camp were an added bonus that will continue to influence my daughter on and of the volleyball court. Thank you!" Maurene Lensink, Parent of Camper

"NBC Camps changed my life. My outlook on life, let alone basketball has changed. Parents if you send your kids to NBC, you will see that change occur in your child. They start by teaching your child self-discipline, because the coaches don't enjoy disciplining. They understand that your kids are there to play basketball, not to run a million suicides. The coaches provide guidance and are ALWAYS open to talk about anything. They will get up early or stay up late to work on your child's game. Everyone from the coaches to the trainer brings an excellent attitude to every day and drill. There is little downtime so you know your kids are working the whole time and getting your monies worth. This camp is excellent and I really hope that you send your kids to an NBC Camp." Paul Kessler, Camper

"I would highly recommend this camp to all those who love to play basketball like myself. NBC camp not only teaches you new skill about basketball but also about life. I feel I have grown closer to the Lord from this experience. And through God's strength I hold on to my dreams and know that anything is possible. Thank You NBC Camp." Shelby V. Lipscomb, Camper

"Camp taught me basketball on a whole new level of intensity and what I came home with was growth in faith and integrity. Thank you!" Jacob Dorosz, Camper

"I recommend this camp to any individual regardless of their skill level. I have played basketball on many levels from local, traveling competitive and high school basketball. I have been to several basketball camps and by far NBC Camps has taught me a lot about physical and mental toughness I have not seen in any other camps." Brianna Alvarez, Camper

"I have been to this camp 8 times, and have had a great experience every year. My skills and self esteem have improved and I have made some great friends. I look forward to the next year even as I am driving home from camp." Lucas Wendt, Camper

"I am sooo impressed each time my daughter returns from NBC b ball camp. Her skill level increases of course but it’s the thought provoking discussions that I am the MOST impressed with. My daughter always comes home a more mature young lady." Claire Huston, Parent of Camper

"Camp taught me exactly what I signed up for. The shooting camp made me a better shooter. I also enjoyed making new friends." Anders Tonsmann, Camper

"This camp is a fun and educational camp. it teaches u how to play basketball, dribble correctly, and u can make friends in the brief week at camp." T.J. Haslett, Camper

"NBC Camp was always something I wanted to attend growing up, but was not able to due to my parents financial situation. Now as a parent, I get the opportunity to see the growth as a player and person my son gets from attending NBC. In a way, I am getting the chance to see NBC through my son and it is totally worth it. I can already see him changing as a player and young man. He is also making friends with other players which will make great peers for him growing up. My son loved the camp and so do I. We plan on him attending every year from here on out and we have three future campers on the way as well. I highly recommend NBC to any future players." Anthony Wilson, Camper, and Zearl Wilson, Parent of Camper

"This is my third year of coming to the camp and I was already talking about coming next year before I left the camp!! Thanks for a great time.” Grant Peltier, Camper

“NBC camps are amazing. My boys have participated the last 3 summers. They not only come home better basketball players but better people as well. It is awesome to watch the coaches inspire and encourage their teams during Intensity Night. I also appreciate the high quality instruction given at these camps as well as the Christian emphasis. What I find most amazing are the stories my boys come home with about the life experiences their coaches have shared with them. My boys are learning what it takes to be a leader on and off the court by coming to these camps. We have told many families about NBC camps and we will continue to do so. Thank you so much for making this such a wonderful experience for our boys." Kim Lopez, Parent of Campers

"My son has attended NBC camps for 5 years. It is the highlight of his summer and we change all schedules for him to attend. He absolutely loves every aspect of the camping experience, the coaches become friends and the leaders he looks up to and admires. Thank you for providing an environment where my son learns to excel at this passion and learns to grow and be challenged to become the Christian man I would want him to be." Greg Epperson, Parent of Camper

"NBC Camps are well run and give girls and boys the confidence to handle peer pressure and difficult situations, not only on the courts, but off the courts. Reaching kids on a personal level as well as an athletic level helps prepare them to be a well rounded individual. Camp experiences provide us, as parents, an opportunity to help our kids grow and make the changes they need to so that they can become productive people who are able to make healthy choices. We love the experience for our kids and will continue to recommend NBC Camps!" Susan and Jerry Campbell, Parent of Campers

"This was my son's first time away from home by himself. He sent me a texted at the end of the 2nd day and said "Dad, this is soooo awesome!" It was a great experience. He came home tired but extremely happy!" Aaron Walker, Parent of Camper

"I like the games and the coaching and the way the coaches pushed and inspired me to do my best. I would recommend NBC to all my friends." Tony Gutierrez, Camper

"This camp is amazing. My son has grown so much in basketball and in life. What this camp teaches you a lot of stuff that you will put forth in everyday life. My son is a completely better kid and sees how much we do for him.. LOVE THIS CAMP!" Nina Krueger, Parent of Camper

"Thank you for offering this empowering experience for our son. One of our core values in our role as parents is to raise young men that give their all in EVERYTHING they do. Thank you for not only demonstrating this core value, but for expecting this from our son. He rose to that expectation through this experience. Thank you." Dinah S. Loranger, Parent of Camper

"NBC Camps has always been an uplifting and positive Basketball experience for my daughter. Every year she comes home with great enthusiasm and more self confidence than the year before." Mark Yergeau, Parent of Camper

"NBC Camps have definitely changed my perspective not only on basketball but life as well. Whether I go with a group of friends or by myself I have always felt welcomed And connected. I love that while I improve my game my attitude improves as well. Through NBC camps I have once again found my love for the game and really learned not to play for myself but for the Lord and for my teammates." Sallie Ausmus, Parent of Camper

"My daughter loved your camp! When we came to the intensity night and observed what you were doing We were blown away. You and our staff show so much caring and love to all the girls. I would highly recommend this camp to anyone and both my daughters will be attending again next year!" Doug Shelton, Parent of Camper

"We've done NBC camp for eight years now and my daughter still asks, every year, to go back. The skills she learns there are not just about basketball but life too. She has improved her skills and performance every year she has gone. The counselors and program are phenomenal and though she has attended every year, this was the first time we attended Intensity Night, something I will never miss again. Everything is so positive and the energy level and motivation is palpable in the gym that night. Thank you so much NBC for helping to round our daughter into a better athlete, as well as human being. You're the bomb!!" Jeny Heckman, Parent of Camper

"NBC Camp is a wonderful opportunity for your child to surround him/herself with some of the best local basketball talent for a week of challenging and fun basketball!" Christy Schenck, Parent of camper

"It has a great learning environment that gives you tools to be great on and off the court. It is great to meet with kids that like basketball and want to work to be better. Great positive messages. The Staff really cares about what they do and helping me be better. Thanks." Noah J. King, Camper

"I would highly recommend the All Star camp, I enjoyed playing with other skilled players who challenge me with intense competition on the court and who were great guys off the court." Jason Bilyeu, Camper

"We recommend NBC Camps to all players. My husband's father helped with NBC Camps and my husband attended all ages of Camp and now his son will go to NBC CAMPS." Susan Quinn, Parent of Camper

"I enjoyed camp because I learned skills to help me in all aspects of my life, not just playing volleyball. The coaches were all nice and encouraging and I made new friends. The food was good too!!!!" Nicole Nobbs, Camper

"I'm 11 and this was my first overnight sport camp. Because the staff was so welcoming and coaches paid so much attention to us I felt safe the whole time and had a blast. I learned so much from the coaches. I can't wait for next year!" Miranda Haag, Camper

"This camp taught me to be more intense to the skill of basketball and to get opened on offense and to block out defensively I feel I came away a lot better in basketball." Ciara Annen, Camper

"NBC basketball camps are among the best in the nation. I strongly recommend the team camps to any coach." Ron Collins, Head Coach, Northwest Christian High School (Lacey) Girls Basketball

"I love NBC camps! It is one of the best weeks of the summer! I always feel inspired and motivated after attending camp. I LOVE the coaches and staff! Can't get enough! " Haley Mcrae, Camper

"NBC Camps are a vast improvement over other camps in the area. They work on the whole player, not just basketball. My daughter came away more knowledgeable about basketball as well as knowing a positive attitude makes a difference." Shelbie Rabe, Parent of Camper

"NBC camp is more than a basketball camp! I have brought three kids the past two years and I have seen growth from them as people as well as basketball players." Rich Richmond, Parent of Camper

"We were thoroughly impressed with the staff, facilities, and overall experience of our son at NBC Camp on the Whitworth University Campus. We saw him grow in his confidence as well as mature even more into a young man of integrity and faith." Cindy Steinborn, Parent of Camper

"NBC Camp was probably one of the best camps I have ever been to. They taught life skills along with basketball and team work. The coaches and staff were all really nice and ready to help. I would encourage all to try for the Golden Ruler because it really challenges you. I did it and it was hard, but I am so glad I did it. Thank you!" Kate Nelson, Camper

"This being my first basketball camp, I would highly recommend it to anyone!!!" Austin Blackmer, Camper

"I think my kid grew over the week. His belief in his abilities and trust to learn new things was profound." Jim Culverwell, Parent of Camper

"NBC camps teach you how to be an all around great basketball player and an outstanding person. They teach you about encouragement, life skills, and importance in yourself, your family, your friends, and much more. The coaches and staff are super! They will help you understand something better if you are having trouble with anything and they are a great influence on the players to be a better person and basketball player. You also play many fun games and do tons of fun activities. NBC camp is so worth it!" Ali Williams, Camper

"My daughter has attended NBC Camps for the last 3 summers and it has helped her improve dramatically each year! She has been motivated to push herself outside her comfort zone and challenge herself beyond what she thought was possible in her intensity and focus! She has become a fearless competitor because of the excellent instruction in fundamentals, self-discipline, and goal-making, as well as the encouragement in her spiritual walk. She has also met many new friends that she continues to stay in contact with. NBC Camp has become the highlight of her summer and she can't wait to go back each year!" Caroline Madsen, Parent of Camper

"I have been going to NBC camps now for about 5 years. I have met some incredible coaches during my time and have become a better basketball player. I am a point guard and have always been a starter. Recently I have been invited by college coaches to do ID camps and I am looking forward to my final year of high school with great prospects for continuing to play ball at the next level. NBC has helped me become a better person and avoid negative influences. This has made me more dedicated to my sport and my studies at school. Thanks!" Derek Wolf, Camper

"As a parent of a camper, I have coached basketball for years. I was very impressed at the level of instruction and the teaching techniques used to assist campers master some very difficult skills with ease. I learned a lot just from coming to the last hour of the sessions each day." J. R. Paul, Parent of Camper

"I found NBC Basketball Camp an awesome place to be! As a player with one year of junior high basketball played, NBC answered a lot of the questions I had both on and off the court not only in skills but in leading not only my teammates, but others around me as well. I look forward to putting these new skills and mindset to work this year, and returning next year to improve more!" Braeden Fox, Camper

"NBC camp rocked and was my first time but felt more confident than ever! Great camp and always looking forward to coming back!" Ty Shaffer, Camper

"This is a great camp to go to if you would like to become a better player. I've been going for the past 3 years and each year I come back being better and always learning something new and something else I can work on. The coaches are great and it would be a great experience for anyone." Connor McCleary, Camper

"Not only do I come home encouraged by the coaches’ praise and pleasantly exhausted from the intensity of the camp but boy does my belly enjoy that food!" Ethan DaSilva, Camper

"My daughter came home from camp and was both motivated and inspired to be a better person. She said it was "life changing" and that she wants to continue being a camper until she can become a coach." Penny Mueller, Parent of Camper

"NBC camp changed my life, I found out a lot about myself as a person as well as a player. At camp you get to interact with people who are similar to you as well as different from you. The coaches are T-U-F-F tuff, and I would recommend this camp to all basketball players." Katie Vickers, Camper

"Hi, I would like to say that NBC is the best camp I have ever been to. The High Energy of this camp inspired me to get up early every morning. The coaches were positive, fun to be around and encouraging. I enjoyed how the Camp was not just about Basketball." Kayla Wartman, Camper

"My kids have been attending for the last 6 years and it has been outstanding every year. Every aspect of the camp is excellent!!! Thank you!" Debbie Barber, Parent of Camper

"The staff is very positive and caring, as well as, provides high quality training. My son felt these were the best coaches he ever had, and appreciated their acknowledgement of his efforts by receiving two awards. He loved the food, enjoyed meeting new friends, and even though some of it was intense, he would absolutely return again. Thank you for making this experience so memorable." Shelley Poole, Parent of Camper

'I recommend this camp to others because it not only helps you become a better basketball player but a better person and motivator. And it was a great experience." Tressa Spencer, Camper

"NBC camp this year was a fantastic experience. All of the coaches are awesome and really fun to hang out with. I know I grew not only as a basketball player but also a person. This year I got chosen to be awarded the NVP award. I thought that was pretty cool. I think NBC was excellent this year and I for sure coming back next year." Moriah Regier, Camper

"NBC Camps have proven to be a life changing experience for our daughter. Even at the age of 11 she came home excited to share not only the skills she learned but the discussions that were had at the end of the day in D-groups. She loved her coaches and is dreaming of one day being part of the NBC coaching staff. Thank you so much for giving her such a positive experience!" Jeff and Lara Mercie, Parents of Camper

"Would definitely recommend this camp to anyone who loves basketball and would like to excel and learn new skills. The whole experience was positive and made me realize that I can do anything I set my mind to. There was no negative or demeaning done to the campers. All encouraging! Hope to return next year to learn more skills!" Sybil Lewko, Camper

"This year was my step-sons first year of NBC, an NBC Alumni myself I was so excited to share the NBC experience with him. He had a fantastic week and is already talking about next year. Jacob's coach was great and did a wonderful job with the boys on his team, I could see that they had bonded and were playing well together. Jacob learned so much and I am so excited to see him take what he has learned at camp onto the court with his team. We are looking forward to more summers with NBC!" Amy Thompson, Parent of Camper

"I appreciate the faith based aspect of the camp. My son not only learned about basketball and being part of a team sport, he also learned about building character and being a man of faith. I appreciated all of the excellent examples of men who surrounded and uplifted my son and the other campers. Actions speak louder than words and the coaches' actions spoke words of encouragement and excellent character. Thank you for provididing such a wonderful experience!" Christa Snyder, Parent of Camper

"It was my first time at NBC camp and I had a blast! My coach was amazing and I feel like I have accomplished a lot. Thank you!" Emma Hill, Camper

"The focus on developing the whole person makes it a two for one camp experience. The fact that christian values are recognized and valued was critical to our camp selection. This was my daughters second year in a row!!! Thank you for providing inspirational role models, core values and great basketball!!!! I will continue to sing the camps praises!!!! Thank you!!!" Jeff and Elizabeth, Parents of Camper

"I have been to several basketball camps. This has by far been the best camp ever. I can't wait to go back." Brodie Savage, Camper

"A great positive environment, with the opportunity to improve every aspect of your game and become a better person." Trent Cork, Camper

"Our camper was a first time camper, we were a little worried but right away when we dropped him off we knew he was in good hands. The camp was a great experience and the thing we most wanted our son to walk away with was more self confidence, and he did. He cannot wait to go back next year. I would recommend this camp to everyone who has a child you child will grow and learn and be exposed to a high level of positivity. I was so impressed by the staff and their desire to help children and build good ethics. Thank you NBC Camps." John and Pam Lindsay, Parents of Camper

"NBC camp was very fun, a great place to improve skill, and it is wonderful that you can learn more about God through your individual coach. NBC Camps ROCK!" Jamal Knox Jr., Camper

"The drills you used to teach fundamentals were some of the best I have seen. They were fun, challenging, thoughtful, and they worked. Your camp was the best camp I have ever seen. My teams will benefit from the knowledge I learned at your camp, and my children will be attending your camps in the future." Monte S. Campbell, Camper

"NBC Camps gave me the opportunity to grow as a leader and interact with some of the most amazing people I have ever encountered. NBC Camps is more than just a sports camp, it is a family. The relationships I formed through NBC Camps are among the most important in my life. Staff and coaches at NBC Camps inspire me to rise above and live above the line in my life.

When I came to work for NBC Camps, I did not have much leadership experience. However, effective leaders like Fred Crowell, Jennifer Ferch, and Danny Beard mentored me and set amazing examples for me. My NBC Camps family gave me the skill set I needed to excel in law school and as a lawyer. NBC Camps is the most professional, effective, and life-changing organization I have ever been a part of and I am so thankful for the honor of working with the exceptional campers, coaches, and staff who comprise NBC Camps. Here's to 40 more successful years!" Noah Patterson, Former Camper and Staff Member

"My daughter was a camper at your recent camp . I would like to take a minute to thank you and all the staff at nbc. And to give you a little fun history of Neah Bay and NBC Camp. My daughter returned home on fire not only for basketball, but most important with a renewed commitment to the Lord! This was truly a life changing experience ! Her experience reminded me of the old nbc camp I went to at Medicine lake back in the eighties. lol Which also was life changing for me too. I was the first Neah Bay person to attend a NBC Camp. And our HS team was the first girls team from Neah Bay to make it to the state tournament . My sister Judy Ray and myself coached the next team to make it in the nineties , that team also attended NBC but the team camp. The rest is history those girls had children and nieces and nephews , now they all have attended NBC Camps , some have made the all-stars and some have traveled on your tour teams! So on behalf of this little town thank you! Thank you! Your camp is helping make a positive change here one camper at a time! God bless you and give you and your family many years of helping the youth be as successful for generations to come." Parent of Camper

“No single experience in my youth was more impactful in shaping the direction of my adult life than attending NBC Camps. I knew I had a strong desire to want to be a leader someday in whatever I did, but NBC taught me that leadership is about relationships and about serving. The game of basketball provides such a great avenue to excel in the development of these two areas and nobody teaches it better than NBC. NBC Camps taught me how to prepare to be excellent in whatever I did and I’ve tried to live a life that acknowledges that the pain of discipline is so much less than the pain of regret. As a leader and mentor to young men, I have applied every aspect of my NBC education both on the court and off the court every single day of my adult life, and I am so thankful that I made the decision as a youth to join the NBC family!” Rhett Soliday, 10 years as college coach Concordia University, 4 years – top assistant 2003 NAIA National Champions, 2004 NAIA Runners Up, UC Irvine 4 years– Assistant Coach, Vanguard University – 3rd season as head coach

“NBC camps are the BEST! You learn tons about basketball and life!” Elaina Thomsen, Camper

"I would definitely recommend this camp to anyone who is interested in basketball. It is great for those wanting to improve and learn more. It is a great camp to improve your current skills as well as learn new ones. Thank you for a great experience." Ryan Frommer, Camper

“This camp was great! It changed how I play, made me a more aggressive player, and it changed my outlook on basketball and on life.” Avery Walline, Camper

“Loved this camp and its staff. My soon-to-be 8th grader got to fill the high school team roster for the week and had a great time! Thanks!" Stacy, Parent of Camper

“Each summer I look forward to attending NBC Camp. After attending five years, I still find it a beneficial week of instruction and growth.” Trevor Lane, Camper

“This camp is a great camp that helps you work on basketball, faith in God, and you have a fun time all together! I would highly recommend this camp to everyone!" Molly, Camper

“I think everyone should come here! Even if you’re the all time best basketball player, it helps so much with everything! I just think it helps with life period, and everyone should experience it.” Brittney Lyda, Camper

“Great camp! The coaches do an excellent job of keeping the camp on track! Love the discipline an the focus! Great job!" Tom Dieker, Camper

“My sons both attended NBC camp for the first time this year. My oldest is 14 and my youngest is 12, they both had a blast and have not stopped showing me new things they learned for over a week now! They are already asking about next year and planning which sessions they want to attend. Thank you NBC we had a BLAST!” The Augkhopinee Family, Parents of Campers

“If it's eat, breathe, sleep, play volleyball you're looking for...NBC Volleyball Camp is where it's at. Want to be a whole season better in just four days? This is the camp you need. But you have to be willing to push yourself harder then ever before. But trust me, the results are totally worth it.” Dafne R., Camper

“I look forward to NBC camp every year. It is a positive force in my life and not only gives me a great week of coaching but also the confidence to know I can be a better player and person. Last year, finally obtaining the golden ruler was life altering and then, this year, making the all star team are memories I will never forget. I learned a great deal from the staff. I would highly recommend this camp to other players who want an inspirational experience and some serious volleyball." Victoria Failor, Camper

“I’ve been to several Basketball and Volleyball camps over the last 6 years. I've been to 4 NBC camps. Nothing better out there. Cannot wait for another NBC experience. I love NBC.” Emily Henderson, Camper

“For a younger player, yes I would recommend the camp, in fact, I've got several of our friends to send their kids.” Janilee Jones, Parent of Camper

“A great learning experience!” Priscilla Koetting, Camper

“I would definitely recommend this camp to others.” Kellie Timboe, Parent of Camper

“What an uplifting and positive experience for my children! Keep up the good work NBC.” Tamera Bauer Meeks, Parent of Camper

“This was the first year my son attended an NBC camp and it was amazing for him. He had the time of his life and really enjoyed making new friends along the way. The coaches and staff are amazing and do a great job with the kids. My son is already looking forward to attending camp next summer.” Charlotte, Parent of Camper

“NBC is the best basketball camp I have ever been to! It is always the highlight of my summer. It doesn't only make you a better basketball player, but a better person too. I strongly advise you to come to NBC. The coaches are motivating, athletic, smart and overall great people. COME TO NBC!” Zack Tanner, Camper

“Highly recommend this camp to any and all students of the game. Cant wait until next year.” Kurt Mayer, Camper

"I would encourage all basketball players to attend the NBC basketball camp. It was such an amazing experience, not only for myself, but for my team. We grew closer together and laughed our way through the week! They have some of the best college players in the country, teaching the girls new fundamentals. I can ensure that anyone who attends the NBC camp or overseas tour will leave a much better basketball player. It definitely gives you a better understanding of the sport. The NBC camp also really focuses on the girls' relationship with their Heavenly Father. It helped my testimony grow, so much! Thank you NBC, for giving me and my team an unforgettable experience!” Sydney, Camper

“I would really recommend NBC Camps, they helped me improve a lot and helped my team to work more as a team. Thank you!” Mariah, Camper

“This camp is the best camp I have been to! The staff is friendly and eager to help you improve individually and wants your team to learn to work together. The girls from other schools are nice and we built friendships with teams from all over the US. I promise this camp will change your life! Take notes because you will want to remember it forever. NBC has found the perfect balance of life, relationships, and basketball, so take the chance and make it a part of your life! You definitely won't regret it." Kinslee Jacobson, Camper

“I recommend this camp because it not only teaches you volleyball skills, but it really helps you realize some things about life. One major thing it helped me learn was that every moment of your life truly counts in the end, so whatever you are doing, do it to your best ability, because you may not have another chance like that again." Josie D'Agostino, Camper

“This was our daughter's first NBC camp and throughout the check-in everyone made her feel so comfortable. Every night when she would call and give us updates she could not say enough- the entire staff was praised & the experience for her was incredible." Jay & Sandi Mintyala, Parents of Camper

“This camp will help you reach high levels that you never thought you would reach. This has been a wonderful camp and a great experience for me. It taught me how to be a better person to my friends and family. I will go definitely go to this camp next year." Jessica Swandal, Camper

“It's great to see my kids be pushed physically to be a better player and mentally to be a better person. They will definitely return next year.” Ann Caviezel Sexton, Parent of Campers

“I would definitely recommend this camp to other families. This left such a great impression on my son. The skills that they worked on, team building, and life skills are something that he will remember for always. Thanks." Marina Leos, Parent of Camper

“My son called me after the day themed "mental toughness." Without prodding from mom he went on for 20 minutes about how he wants to be the player on his team that is seen as mentally tough; he wants to commit, to follow through, and to push himself. His comments were insightful, deeply honest, and I sat there with tears in my eyes--this session was very timely. After a tough freshman year he was finally getting "it" and NBC camp, and his coaches, ignited a new fire in him. The next night he phoned and spoke with his dad. And he has come home a more mature young man; I see him using the personal skills he learned at camp. I would highly recommend your camps! Thanks." Jeanne Owens, Parent of Camper

“NBC Camps is awesome! I made friends and learned leadership skills. It was a great experience!" Lincoln Holland-Boone, Camper

“I would like to say this camp gave opportunity for a lot of instruction and ball time. I feel like I learned that hard work can make champions." Tyler Opie, Camper

“I was thrilled with the attitude in which our children were instructed! What a positive experience." Susan Brookins, Parent of Camper

“I had a great time again this year. The camp teaches me how to be a better player and a better person. I look forward to returning next year." Katie Skramstad, Camper

“Camp was perfect! I could not ask for more. Love NBC & all of their staff." Brandee Burton, Camper, and Josh Burton, Parent of Camper

“NBC basic fundamentals done daily will improve your game." Dan Abadilla, Camper

“NBC Camps has changed our lives. My daughter is a better player and a better person because of it. They have inspired her to continue with basketball and to continue seeking God's will in all she does. The ball handling skills she has acquired will be something she can work on mastering until camp next year. She is a miracle because God made her. Thank you NBC for all you have taught and for the lives you have affected. We are blessed because of you." Kuulei Martins, Parent of Camper

“I really loved the camp. It was so much fun and I got to learn so much. I loved meeting the coaches and the NBA players too. I am going next year for sure." Raider Damuni, Camper

“This camp exceeded my expectation. I truly enjoyed volunteering each day. I'll be back next year with even more enthusiasm, if that is even possible! Thank you!" Beth Daigle King, Camper

"Working for NBC Camps was one of the most important and formative experiences in my working life. My time at NBC Camps gave me the opportunity to come in contact with exemplary role models, develop discipline important for life success, and learn more about the game of basketball and the lessons it has for life. I couldn't recommend a working or camp experience any more than NBC Camps."

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