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The mission of NBC CONNECT is to give you the edge on and off the court. We believe that connection is so important to growth and health. Connection through mentorship and accountability, connection through consistently striving toward improvement together, and connection to the tools and resources that call you to your best self. Your habits reveal your future and we want to help you create positive life-building habits.

Our training content and information are designed to inspire you to take your game and skills to new heights. We work hard to teach sound fundamental principles in a way that will give you maximum benefit. If you want to be a great player, you will need to commit to putting in the extra time, energy, and study. We want you to play the game and think the game with unmatched intensity, unwavering focus, and unshakable confidence.

NBC Basketball Video Education
NBC offers five basketball training courses online including video, testing, and worksheets. These courses run between 20-30 minutes of video content, with full running videos and video pop-up quizzes to stay engaged.

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NBC Online Video Training for Basketball

NBC Connect Mentoring Program
One of the most important aspects of becoming a stronger player and person is accountability and follow through. The daily habit to set goals and to follow through daily on your life dreams is a priceless skill that can be developed. NBC Connect was created for the power of the personal connection of daily accountability and teamwork.

NBC Connect has three ways to improve.

NBC Live is an online webinar program. Get work out drills, get inspired, get new ideas for workouts and drills.

NBC Team provides direct accountability for your goals in a camp format that has proven to be transformative.

NBC one-on-one is directed time with your NBC mentor to work on your goals and give you personal recommendations for improvement and growth

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  1. What does NBC Connect provide?

1 What does NBC Connect provide?

NBC Live is a weekly workout and inspirational time campers can join to be pushed with their skills and inspired to be their best. NBC Teams is an online group that campers can join in a personal mentorship program designed to help hold athletes accountable for attitude, self-discipline, and follow-through. NBC 1-on-1 is your time to meet for 30 or 60 minutes with a great NBC coach to work on any aspect of your game.

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