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Customer Portal Instructions

All USA camp medical forms must be completed online in the Customer Portal. Canada - coming soon!

When adding a camp to your cart, you will be directed to log in or create an account to complete your order.

How to Log In or Create a New Account:

Go to https://secure.nbccamps.com/Login

>> For Returning Participants: You are considered a returning participant if you attended a camp with us before AND completed digital Health & Release Forms with us in the past.

  • Log in using your account holder's email and password
  • This will be the same email and password used to complete your 2022 or 2023 Health & Release form (if applicable).
  • If you do not remember your login, please click "Forgot My Password" and follow the prompt.

>> For New Participants: You are considered a new participant if you have not attended a camp with us before OR you have attended a camp with us but HAVE NOT completed digital Health & Release Forms.

  • Click "REGISTER NOW"
  • Enter your household/billing account information and create a password
  • Click "Create My Profile"

How to Complete Your Health & Release Forms:

  • On the MY ENROLLMENTS dashboard, you will see your camper's enrollment and a red notice to 'Complete camper health and release forms (*required for camp).'
    1. You only have to complete the Health and Release form once a year.

    2. Please review your "Pre-Camp Checklist" for possible additional camps-specific forms.

  • Click the 'Complete camper health and release forms' button and review the important pop-up message in full, then click 'OK.'
    1. These forms cannot be saved and edited at a later time. Please scroll through to ensure you have all the information before starting.

  • After you click "CLOSE", you will be brought back to your MY CAMPERS page.

  • Please allow several hours for the forms to populate in the Customer Portal. Then you will be able to "View" or "Edit/Delete" the forms.

How to Make a Payment Online:

  • On the MY ENROLLMENTS dashboard, you will see "BALANCE DUE" at the bottom.

  • If you have a balance due on your account, it will say the amount due.

  • Click the "Make Payment" button.

  • Enter your camper's confirmation number on the screen that appears.

  • Enter your billing information and credit card information, then click "Submit Payment".

For frequently asked questions and answers, please visit:


How to Review Your Pre-Camp Checklist:

  • i.e. Check-in time & location, what to bring to camp, on-site staff contact info, etc.

  • On the MY ENROLLMENTS dashboard, click the "Pre-Camp Checklist" link.

  • Review this page carefully and follow the steps to prepare for camp.

How to Update Your Camper's Enrollment Questions:

  • i.e. T-shirt size, roommate request, etc.

  • On the MY ENROLLMENTS dashboard, you will see your camper's enrollment and the link that says "View/Edit Enrollment."

  • Click on the question you would like to update.

  • Click "Save".

Please note: not all questions will be available to update. You can edit the answers to your camper's questions listed below up until 14 days before the camp start date. If you need to make a change within 14 days of camp, please Contact Us.

How to Update Your Account Information:

  • i.e. Billing address, phone number, etc.

  • Click the MY ACCOUNT tab on the main menu to see your "Account Holder Profile."

  • Click on the field that you would like to update to make your change

  • Click "Save My Profile"

For frequently asked questions and answers, please visit:

NBC Camps Customer Portal FAQ

How to Update Camper Information In the Customer Portal:

If you would like to make changes to the camper profile, like updating Camper's DOB, Assigned Sex, Address, Email, or Contact Information, please Contact Us.

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