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Proactive Parenting- 3 Dangers to Watch Out for

Parenting is an amazing job.  The Staff at NBC Camps wants to encourage athletes, coaches and parents to be their best on and off the court. Parenting is one of those opportunities that can change the world for good. What an incredible opportunity to pour your heart and soul into such a noble and exciting adventure. No doubt parenting is one of the toughest journeys on earth and it demands our best. Here are a few ways to be proactive around tendencies and inclinations in your home that can cause your family to descend into relational strife or frustration.

Watch Out For:

Fatigue—lack of sleep and margin makes cowards of all. When we are too tired to parent our family suffers. TV cannot provide the true rest your brain needs. It’s tempting to veg out with phone or TV, but they will rob you of your insight and strength. Do you have a proclivity for self-soothing in negative ways? If so, find some other more healthy options to get recharged.

Favoritism--- It’s easy to favor the child that is the most enjoyable to parent. People favor children who are more beautiful, talented, successful, easy/low maintenance or more like themselves. Some parents favor the child that is the hardest. They give more to this child to "help them out."  This proclivity to show favoritism in words, time and attention is like poison to the family.

Fighting—fighting words in the home toward others, towards siblings, towards parents or ex-relationships produces a climate of negativity and pain. Evaluate what is at the core root of this proclivity to argue and fight. Place road blocks and plans in place not only to stop a fight from escalating but also to repair fights well so there is no further resentment.


About NBC Basketball

NBC Camps is committed to the mission of creating greater skill levels on and off the court. NBC stands for Nothing Beats Commitment and the belief that a person's daily habits reveal their future self.  According to NBC Camps, parenting is one of the most important opportunities on earth and doing this well is a key mission of NBC staff.  NBC Camps believes a successful coach who is a poor parent is not a great coach. Coaching to the detriment of your family leaves the world diminished.  Great coaches always make those around them better on and off the court.  For more information about NBC Camps visit

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