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Questions Every Serious Basketball Player Should Answer

If you want to be a great basketball player, how you answer these questions will determine your future success. Take time to answer these questions honestly and build a plan to help you answer these with excellence.

What am I doing on a daily basis to build my basketball talent?
Are you working hard building talent—Be relentless to emulate the skills you see in the best players of the game. Imitation is a sign of the expert. 

How would a great coach assess my basketball, leadership and athletic talent?
Great coaches have an accurate grid developed through years of practice by which they analyze talent.  Most likely, they are going to look at these key elements: size, athleticism, speed, skill and effectiveness.  Can you see yourself as a great coach sees you and most importantly assess the areas they see deficits so you can turn them into strengths?

Am I making the maximum use of my time?
Everyone is given the same amount of time, 24 hours a day. How you use that time is the mark of a serious basketball player or a recreational player. Time is your most valuable asset. 

How much time am I wasting?
Take a few minutes to review your last few weeks.  How much time do you spend on pure basketball development—be ruthless in your scrutiny.  If you were in an AAU tournament, how much time did you get on the court?  Measure actual basketball skill development time—don’t count travel, waiting, and all the wasted energy getting to and from the tournament. Count only time that is spent building you as a player.

What is my work ethic ROI?
ROI (return on investment) is key. Not all time spent playing basketball is the same. Make sure that you are putting in the maximum time to be great. Spend your time where it matters more. Do you go to a basketball camp where you watch the college athletes work out or do you go to a basketball camp where you are being pushed in the work out?What acrues, acrues. If you are doing a weight lifting workout, you should be getting stronger. If you are doing a jump workout, your vertical should be improving. If you are working on ball handling, your skills should be getting better.  It takes about 18 months to see big results in your vertical training. Shooting also takes significant time before improvement is seen especially if you have to break bad habits.  Put the time in and you will see measurable changes.


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