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The Power of a Pacesetter

A pacesetter is someone who sets the speed of success for the group, family or basketball team. Pacesetters create a more consistent possibility for faster times and greater performance. A pacesetter was originally created to help Olympic level athletes concentrate on setting world records. The pacesetter would internalize what an Olympic record pace should be. The runners competing for the world record would know the pace necessary to run to set a record.   In life, pacesetters are important because they push those around them to be better without pushing so hard they give up.  If you can learn to be a leader on your team, in your family and school to set the pace for excellence, you can help people not only overcome what is difficult but do what seems impossible.  Pacesetters turn average basketball teams into dynasties and broken families into homes of joy.

Pacesetters give you the ability to concentrate on what matters.

Work-out partners are great pacesetters. When you work out with a friend who is a little better than you, they set a pace that allows you to keep your concentration on matching their effort. This gives your brain one less distraction (am I pushing myself hard enough) and allows you to dig in.

Do you have a strong workout partner who sets a high pace of excellence? 

Friends are great pacesetters for helping you become a better person. Your friend naturally pushes you and sets a certain pace in life. If you are with a very lazy friend, you will be influenced by his/her lifestyle. If you are with friends who achieve excellence, their pace will naturally influence you to work hard. Pacesetters must intuitively know the correct pace for achieving greatness. Picking friends who have internalized the best way to live is a great help to your future.  Your friends are a reflection of your future self. Choose wisely.  

Are your friends living and acting in ways that will help you achieve your life goals?

Ability to set the tone: Pacesetters set the expectation and the tone for the race. They know what a successful race should look like. In life, pacesetters know what a true family should look like. They know what it means to have a healthy relationship with their brothers and sisters.  Family pacesetters set the verbal tone in the home. They create an atmosphere of kindness, generosity and care. On the court, a true pacesetter sets the tone for a championship level team. They have the skill set, the leadership ability and the charisma to bring everyone around them to the highest level.

Do you know how to create the right pace in your home, school and on your team to achieve greatness?

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