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Unshakable Parenting

What is shaking your world right now?  Fear, doubt, difficulty?    When you parent, do you fear making a mistake? When you sleep, is it disrupted by anxious thoughts? NBC Basketball wants to encourage you to be unshakable. 

Parenting can be daunting and even frustrating because we can begin to question ourselves and lose hope in our ability to bring about the best in our children.  Here are a few ways to become an unshakable parent.

This generation has traded the need for love from a father or mother for the need of love from peers. Therefore, the parental voice has become pointless for many young people and the peer’s voice all powerful. Instead of seeking to obey and earn the admiration of the parent, a young person seeks to please and earn the admiration of their friends.  Unless the child begins to love and value your opinion, their friends will take precedence over you.  This cannot be changed through threats, punishment or violence. Winning the heart of your child must begin from a place of sacrificial love (not gifts but time), asking forgiveness and changing one’s own faults, and intentional listening.

Most parents feel frustrated and overwhelmed because they don’t have a clear and wise plan to navigate difficulty. They are continually surprised and angered by parenting challenges instead of resilient and ready. Work at parenting with the same hope and rigor you apply to the areas of success in your life.  Being great at anything takes time and work. 

Have energy for parenting. Sadly our kids often get the leftovers in our life. Don’t veg out with the TV or phone, and don’t quit giving the energy needed for good parenting. The reason why parents have children without passion is because parents are without passion to parent.  Gain a love for parenting—not the easy punitive forms of parenting but the creative, wise true ways of leading and loving.  Life will return to the home when you step into a true life.


About NBC Basketball

Just like having a great basketball jump shot is a work of intentional practice and dedication, so is great parenting. At NBC Basketball, staff believes one of the most important jobs is the responsiblity to become a great parent. This comes through disciplined training and intentionality.  If you believe in the importance of gratitude, mental toughness, self-discipline and the will necessary to get better, than you should check out NBC Basketball for you and your children and grandchildren.  NBC Basketball offers training in 8 countries and was founded in 1971.  For more information visit or call 1-800-406-3926. 

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