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What Coaches Can do To Protect Team Unity

Coaches, your number one responsibility is to create unity on your basketball team. A divided team is a weak team and will trouble you all season long.  Here are a few keys to create greater unity.

1. Zero tolerance for insubordination (cancerous players). If a player is a cancer with his or her words, attitudes and disrespect of you, you will have a terrible year. This player has to change or be removed. This is one of the biggest killers of unity.  Kids who sabbotage team unity need clear boundaries, regular accountability and must be removed if they are not compliant to the mission and unity of the team.  This requires wisdom and mentoring to do well. Don't navigate this without a wise mentor who can help you spot cancerous players and provide solutions for healing first and amputation as the very last most dire measure. 

2. Love has to be stronger than obligation. If you have players who are doing what you ask because they are required or obligated to do so, you have a heart issue on your team. Lack of heart is a spiritual issue and can arise from a number of factors.  The key question to ask is, “How big is my heart?” Coaches with huge hearts rarely struggle with heart issues from their players. The players will mirror your level of heart.

3. Words tell everything. Take a look at what words you say to other coaches, your family, and your community. What do your words tell you about your team?  If you language is critical, negative and complaining, if you tell stories how you have a great player but he or she is too selfish, etc.. You are building a world that can’t be successful.  Success doesn’t lie in blame or complaining.  Change your words and you change your world.


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