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Why Point Guards Need Creativity

All the great point guards are and have been creative, not necessarily flamboyant but able to be innovative and create new patterns.  They excel at the unexpected.

NBC Basketball Coaching staff  recommend all athletes work to develop point guard sensibilities so that whatever position you play, you see the game from a point guard point of view as well as have the complete skills of a point guard.  

Here are Four Key areas  Point Guards Need Creativity

1. Passing: All great point guards master the pass. They can manipulate the ball easily and smoothly get past any defender placing the ball precisely where their teammates want to catch the pass.

2. Foreknowledge: A great point guard can see the court like a chess game and manipulate the outcome by setting up the defense. They see all the players and are able to anticipate the multiple possible moves each time down the court.

3. Flexibility: Wisdom to avoid making the same mistake over and over again requires creative problem solving. You must work to develop your skills to such a high level that you are able to free your mind to problem solve instead of having to focus on managing the ball.  

4. Calm under pressure attitude: Anxiety impairs the frontal cortex thus impairing creativity. Have you seen a team make very silly mistakes and yelled, "What are they thinking?"  The reality is they are not. Silly mistakes are made from anxiety or from being on autopilot. A player who telegraphed his or her pass right into the hands of the defense often responds with, "I was just doing what the coach told me to do."  A great point guard never telegraphs or tips his or her hand.


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