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Why Teams Struggle With Sacrifice

Every athlete understands that in order to be a serious basketball player, he or she is going to have to sacrifice. Not just the obvious like TV, parties, serious boy/girl relationships but also comfort and above all certainty. All of us want guarantees, we want to know for sure the sacrifices we make will result in the rewards we seek. Unfortunately, life doesn’t have guarantees which can create an attitude of selfishness.

Basketball is an amazing sport but selfish play is terrible to watch. Playing on a basketball team where everyone is out for him or herself is sheer misery.  Sacrifice is a key element for teams that win. A great player will sacrifice a shot because a teammate is in a better position.  A great leader will sacrifice his or her own glory if it helps the team win. The good news is that when a leader sacrifices for the team, he or she eventually will get more noticed and more valued than if he or she only thought selfishly.

However selfishness on teams exists and here is why people don't sacrifice for the team.


1. Selfishness breeds selfishness.  Sacrifice doesn’t make sense for most people if no one around them is doing it. It’s pretty tough to share the ball, if everyone is out for himself.

2.  We don’t love it enough. Passion is a gift and when we sacrifice out of obligation, it never is as powerful or valuable as when we sacrifice out of love.

3.  We are not all in. We sacrifice a few things but not enough to really make a difference. Consider the difference in the sacrifice for breakfast between a chicken and the pig. The chicken contributed, but the pig was all in.

4. Impatience kills greatness. We want something immediately and don’t have patience.  Anything worthwhile is going to take time and if you have to have it now, you can’t become great.


What to Make a Change? Check out these key life principles.

  • We reap what we sow.
  • Cheap sacrifice ruins our future.
  • Sacrifice without love is obligation which can be dangerous.
  • Not all sacrifice is wise or beneficial.
  • Dreams cannot be realized without sacrifice.
  • Wise sacrifice is transformational.

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