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International Travel Improves Leadership

With college applications becoming more competitive, student athletes find International Travel Teams an effective way to enhance their college resumes.

One hundred fifty athletes and coaches from around the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Italy have been selected as part of  leadership and sports travel teams competeting this summer internationally.  Student athletes were selected from over 10,000 athletes for the travel teams.  One compelling reason for these athletes to work to be selected for this team is the life changing potential such an experience has to provide.   One of the goals of the travel teams is to give student athletes a broader view of the world and allow them to get outside their comfort zone while experiencing history.  Another goal is to help athletes improve their technical skills. With NBA scouts looking more and more for talent overseas, travel teams can help athletes gain a better understanding of what is attracting scouts to overseas athletes and what U.S. and Canadian players need to do to be more competitive.  International travel helps elevate students both intellectually and in the area of leadership.  According to leadership programs at the University level, a global understanding and mindset is a crucial skill necessary to be an emerging future leader.  According to leadership professors, having traveled outside of one’s own town gives students a better realization that there is a bigger world out there than what they encounter at high school. 

Selections for this summer’s travel teams were based on athletic ability, character, integrity, leadership skills, and availability.  This summer, athletes, and coaches will converge together in Auburn, Washington or Calgary, Alberta for a two-day intensive training camp where teams focus on learning plays, building rapport, forging team unity, outlining expectations and setting goals.  Teams will then travel to the UK or Germany and Belgium for competitive games and tournaments, sight-seeing, and personal work on becoming a stronger leader, athlete, and student.

These travel teams are part of NBC Camps, the largest overnight provider of basketball camps and volleyball camps in the world with locations in the US, Canada, Italy, the UK, Austria and most recently Thailand.  NBC Camps began sending travel teams to other countries in 1977 competing in Europe, Australia, South America, and Asia.  Around 4000, athletes have participated in an international travel team sponsored by NBC Camps.  Director Bonnie Tucker says, “One of the most gratifying parts of my job is that these athletes come back transformed.  They hug me and tell me that trip was life changing.”   A young woman named Sydney on last year’s travel teams writes, “I can ensure that anyone who attends the NBC Camps overseas tour will leave a much better basketball player. It definitely gives you a better understanding of the sport. Thank you NBC, for giving me and my team an unforgettable experience!”   This passion and enthusiasm along with leadership and global mindedness are qualities college admission directors want to see and that is why athletes and parents view travel teams as an added way to enhance their college admissions package.

About NBC Camps
NBC Camps began in 1971 as Northwest Basketball Camp. Founder, Fred Crowell wanted to design a program that would provide the best basketball training, create an atmosphere of encouragement, hard work, respect and compassion, and teach athletes to compete not only physically but with their hearts and minds.
More than 40 years later, NBC Camps now has over 120 basketball camps, international travel teams, year round basketball mentorship training, volleyball, soccer, and football. NBC Camps partners with US Sports Camps, home of Nike Camps worldwide. Together, NBC Camps works to provide the ultimate sports camp experience.

For more information on NBC Camps and the International Travel Teams, please visit the company’s website visit or phone 1-800-406-3926.

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