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May 10, 2019   |   Tagged Skills,

Secret Weapons for a Setter

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Coaches Corner with Kirstin Davis, Club 509 Volleyball U12 Head Coach

Q. As a setter, you hold both the team's most powerful position and its most frustrating one. The setter's job is to create the offense and maintain the momentum. However, with crazy passing or weak hitters, setters can start to feel that they are unable to contribute to the team. Even though being dependent on your teammates is a reality in the game of volleyball, what are some tips you can give a setter?

A. I believe the best thing a setter can do is become so comfortable and consistent handling the ball that it doesn't matter what position their lower body is in, they are contacting the ball with their hands the same way every time. The key is to ALWAYS get your feet and hips under the ball and square your shoulders to your target. The setter has to be the best and earliest decision maker on the floor. They are the "quarterback" for both offense and defense. They must know each player's strengths as well as their opponent's weaknesses. They must communicate at all times, both on offense and defense. The setter must be prepared to take EVERY second ball, however make the decision to give up that ball the moment they know they cannot get there (bad pass). A setter's goal is to make every 2nd ball into three viable play options.

Q. The setter is a very important position on the team. That being said, the setter may face a lot of pressure to perform at the top of their game at all times. As a coach how do you build confidence in a setter?

A. I beleive the best way to build confidence in a setter is to inspire them to want to handle the ball all the time, giving them comfort in their ball contact skills. Repetitive practice is mandatory. With confidence in their skills you can move them into leadership confidence. It is a setter's job to run the floor and direct their hitters. They goal is to give enough confidence in their skills to feed their leadership confidence. Physical and leadership skills are equally important.

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