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October 03, 2023   |   Tagged Leadership,

Volleyball Stewardship in the context of servant leadership

Volleyball stewardship servant leadership

One of the top ten qualities of servant leaders is stewardship. Volleyball stewardship is the dedication and responsibility to watch over the resources, time, and talent we have been given.

What would stewardship mean in daily practice?

Stewardship of the gift of time: Time is a finite resource and each of us has no indication of how much time we have. Time becomes precious when it becomes intentional. “Wasted” time is not wasted if it has meaning. “Productive” time can be wasted if it has no meaning. Time spent without meaning is truly a waste.

In your finite amount of time each day, what are the core values and intentions you want for your life? What “productive” time has become meaningless that you can remove from your daily schedule? What is “wasted” time that is meaningful that you need to add? What is wasted time that doesn’t add to your well-being or overall life mission that you can cut? Take some time to eliminate these habits and replace them with better choices.

Stewardship of your talents: There is no one like you on the planet. You have been created on purpose for a purpose. What brings you joy? Can you give this gift of joy to others? Sports is a great and meaningful way to invest in talent. The discipline and tenacity necessary to play volleyball well will serve you all your life. The beautiful aspect of talent is that it translates to other areas of life. Someone who had tremendous grit on the court, will have grit in the office. A servant leader on their volleyball team who encourages others will encourage their family. It’s true that bad habits in one area also translates into bad habits in another. Often the time you invest in your talent development, in service to your team, and not solely for your own ego, ripples exponentially into your future.

What are some qualities you have developed through sports you are thankful for that you want to continue to improve?

Stewardship of your resources: Leaders leave places better than they found them. This is a hallmark teaching lesson at NBC. When you leave a room, is it neater than when you entered or worse? Is your environment healthier, cleaner, more positive because you were there, or is it worse?

Pick an area you would love to be a better steward: limiting waste production, tidiness, quality conversations, or quality thinking.

Stewardship of the gift of health: For many who have experienced a significant injury or health crisis, health is one of the greatest gifts we have. Are you a steward of your health? Do your daily habits place you in a position to be as healthy as you want to be 10 years from now?

Stewardship of the gift of team: Everywhere you go, there is someone always looking up to you. Younger players are looking to their siblings and older teammates for people to emulate. Stewardship means responsibility holding the respect of your community and team by representing your community well. Volleyball is intimately woven into the fabric of many of our towns and communities.

Look at the players you know personally who have influenced you. Who are the club teams and players you rub shoulders with your community? Who are the players you admire and why do you admire them?

How do you treat your team? The definition of a servant leader is they make those around them better. Would this definition be used for you?

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