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January 10, 2023   |   Tagged Motivation

Staying motivated at Volleyball Practice

When an hour passes in volleyball practice after the drills, running and sweating, a player can start to become fatigued, and it can become difficult to find that motivation to keep going. Being an athlete is tough; it comes with a lot of sacrifices including time. When an athlete has to come into a 5 am practice with lifting on a weekend, it is usually the last place they want to be. Their mindset can change and think “why am I here?” Remember these four things:

Five Ways to Stay Motivated in Volleyball Practice

1. Having some form of a reminder of your goals in the midst of practice. A key word or phrase should be prepared ahead of time to say to yourself.

2. The short-term pain or struggle is a part of the long-term gain and success. Learn to appreciate what the struggle is teaching you and work to go through it not avoid it.

3. Don’t allow mistakes, coaches disciplining or teaching you, change your effort or attitude for the worse. This is the mental discipline not to take correction personally, but to see it as a gift to help you get better.

4. Each practice has a purpose, find it, and never stop using the purpose it gives you.

5. Make practice fun. It does not always have to be serious and gritty. Find appropriate times to enjoy the moment.

Anyone can be a good volleyball player and be able to pass, set, or hit a ball, but to be able to show up to practice with a hard-working and motivated attitude will make someone a great volleyball player.

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