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Do you have drive and does your drive help you succeed on and off the basketball court?

Good leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.-Jack Welch

Drive means to force forward, pursue, or “rush against.”  Drive can be channeled towards goals or it can be towards people; literally defined as propelling someone forward.  Drive is important for basketball both technically: the drive to score, as well as motivationally: to achieve goals and to motivate teammates. 

A driver is someone who uses force or a push to get others to achieve. If you are identified as a driver in your home, team or business, take time to evaluate if this drive is producing the results you want.  Does your drive make those around you more motivated or less motivated?

Four Ways to Nativigate Drive Wisely

1.       The best drive is internal.  When you are driven by coaches or parents to work hard, there can emerge an unconscious resistance.  Do you find yourself quitting and losing your own internal drive in defiance against outside pressure?  Find ways to stoke your own internal fire to do what you are called to do and be who you are designed to be.

2.       Find ways to communicate what you need.  You may have to find the courage to request that a family member or coach find a different way to motivate you because their intensive drive is interfering with your own motivation.
3.       Meaning and purpose are key. Drive is a secondary action to the primary desire to get somewhere. Where do you want to go? If you don’t know where you want to go, you will struggle with drive.
4.       Drive with caution. Driving a car requires value judgment and discernment. Internal drive also requires you be astute at navigating ethics and purpose. Great leaders don’t plow people over in their drive for success. Great leaders see the whole road and use their drive to make everyone they know better.  Your team should be better because you are on it. Your family should be better because you are in it.  Use your drive to enhance not endanger those around you. 

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