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4 Ways to Earn Respect On and Off the Basketball Court

Basketball is a great teaching tool for life. There are certain situations in life which require us to be aggressive and stand our ground.  You may receive flack at first for standing firm but in the end, you will be respected for your ability to stand strong.

Here are 4 ways you can earn respect on or off the basketball court.

A. Stand strong when others speak poorly about you. Don’t give in to the temptation to gossip or triangle. You lose respect when you talk badly about others. You gain respect by speaking well.

B.  Stand up when others are being disrespected. When you see disrespect and say nothing, your silence is a form of disrespect. Bullies like easy prey.  Be aggressive about stopping disrespect.

C. Stand together with people who want to live with respect for life, for God, for quality ways of living and thinking. Come together with people in your school, church or community who want to live in ways that respect others and respect what is right.

D. Stand with wisdom. This is one of the hardest tasks in life—to be balanced. We need the wisdom to be honoring to others but not be pushed around, to be respectful but not codependent, to be aggressive but not overly so, to be humble as well as confident.  Learn balance by understanding where you tend to err. If you are too nice, work to become more aggressive.  If you are too aggressive, balance this by calming down.



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