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4 Keys to Improve Inspiration

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.-John Quincy Adams

Inspiration is a required quality if you want to be a  great basketball player. Inspiration is about being highly motivated. It is used to describe what happens when someone feels moved to imagine and create something of excellence. When we call an artist or an athlete inspired, we mean they have gone beyond themselves to achieve something extraordinary.  Inspiration is about receiving in order to give. Inspire comes from the late 13th century Latin word which literally means breathing in. With the lungs, the more air we need to expel, the more we air we need to take in.  In life, the more strength, courage and energy we need to give out, the more we need to be receive. Inspiration fills us with the energy to accomplish the extraordinary.

1. Inspiration needs perspiration. The momentum of action creates greater inspiration. Picture when you don't want to work out. Eventually as you get a strong routine for working out you find you want to go to the gym. You feel inspired to workout because of the work you have done.

2. Inspiration dies quickly. It is like breathing. You can't get a big breath and hope it lasts a few days. Find ways to get inspired everyday through music, prayer, videos, quotes and great books.

3. Inspiration is contagious. The energy of an inspired team or family can inspire you to be better. Being in a packed out gymnasium with a screaming crowd and a crazy loud band wakes you up instantly. Spending time with inspired people will inspire you.

4. Inspiration at its highest level is spiritual. To be inspired is to not only be motivated and encouraged in your mind but in your soul, the deepest part of who you are. To be inspired is be filled with creativity, life, joy and purpose.  Spending time with God can be the strongest way to be inspired.


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