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Build Your Balance on the Basketball Court

Basketball is an incredible game to teach balance.  You can’t react well when you are off balance. Out of balance with your body, positioning, spacing, or mentality will place you in survival mode rather than attack mode. Survival mode is highly stressful and in high stress the body makes more mistakes and cannot operate at its highest level of functioning. 

Here are key ways to stay in balance

1. Build the discipline to land in balance anytime you have the ball. Out of balance positioning is a turnover waiting to happen. Give yourself the best advantage that being in balance can provide.

2. Maintain the discipline to be in basketball position—strong stance and solid fundamentals. Your fitness and athletic ability will determine how well you can maintain a proper stance.  Poor basketball stance is an indication of fitness level and mental toughness.

3. Become an expert on basketball positioning and balance. You should always know where ball and your man are at and have ability to defensively stop both when necessary.

4.Balance the court offensively.  Give your teammates space to create . If you crowd the ball, the defensive can do less work and have more opportunity for a steal. Be wise about your spacing and how to balance the court.

About NBC Basketball 

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