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5 Ways to use Synergy to Become Your Best

Synergy means work energy and it is a great word to know and understand.  Becoming better as a leader, basketball player, athlete, business person or parent is an intentional choice. Here are 5 ways to use synergy to become your best.

1.       Value synergy because it can allow you to achieve more than what you can on your own. Use the wisdom of the coach, the talents of the team, the energy of the community, the challenge of great competition to help you become a better player.

2.       Shared goals create unity. Find goals you have in common that can help you work with others to achieve your dreams. People don’t like it if your goals are only about you because it causes the team and group to become more selfish. Instead give to others, serve your family, honor your team and you will find many helping hands when you need it.

3.       Leadership is also about following. Great leaders are humble and listen. They acknowledge good ideas, they can take a back seat, or step out of the spotlight when necessary. Synergy happens when leadership becomes about serving the vision and mission of the team rather than self-promotion.

4.        You are who you spend time with. Look around at the people you compete against. Is it any wonder great programs create great players year after year?  The players you practice with and compete against are influencing the player you are now.

5.       Energy is contagious. Use tools, resources, and teammates to protect your energy. If you are working out, you will be more likely to push yourself harder if you are in a group than if you are by yourself. An encouraging and challenging group is the best company. If the group is too contagious, this can affect you adversely and rob your energy. If the group isn't challenging enough, you may tend to settle for less than your best. The best way to find a great group, is to be an encouraging, hard worker-- you will attract like-minded people. 



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