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November 07, 2022   |   Tagged Parenting

Concentrated Parenting Efforts to Raise Amazing Kids

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We parents can lose our concentrated effort to raise amazing kids because we don’t have a plan and we don’t prepare. When a child starts to misbehave or fall behind our expectations, we can become angry and afraid. Parenting with fear is dangerous. Fear can cause us to cascade into fear of the future. For example, your first grader gets a lower score on a math test, and now in your mind, he is a high school dropout. Imagination can ruin our parenting effectiveness. Concentration can bring us back into balance.

Have a plan to help your son or daughter build intrinsic qualities. Write down the plan with specific daily action steps you can control with gentleness and persistence. Stay present and focus on helping him or her develop these qualities. It’s easy to check out of parenting and have our mind wander than jump back in with anger or incredulity when the train has run off its tracks.

A good parent stays engaged by intentional daily work on building skills with compassion and patience. The most challenging task will be to help your children with skill sets you don’t possess or work with children who have different temperaments than your own. Compassion and consistency have more long-term benefits than exasperation, anger, and frustration.

One of the biggest ways researchers say to improve your success will be to reframe your thinking. Elite sports athletes think differently. They see opportunities instead of crises and they see challenges instead of a dead end. This is a winner’s mindset that is important as a parent.

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