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October 31, 2022   |   Tagged Leadership

Pre-season Basketball Work out Advice—Who to workout with

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How to maximize your pre-season basketball workouts

Getting ready for basketball season is an important commitment you need to make if you want to have a great basketball season. Find people who can help push you in your workouts.

You will be most successful at reaching your goals when you surround yourself with people who are able to help you in reaching your goals. Who are the closest people in your life, at school, and when you work out? Rubbing shoulders with these people helps form you who are and what you can achieve.

Working out with others is proven to help you be more intense and consistent. Research shows again and again, those who work out alone are more likely to cut corners or cut the workout entirely than those who meet with a regular group or buddy. Research also found individual workers are much more likely to take the workout easier than those who are in a competitive yet encouraging group. If the group isn’t competitive, than the workout tends to slack. On the other hand, bad results occur when the group is too competitive because it can de-motivate.

Find people who are tough-minded and a little bit better than your skill level. You want your workout to be always stretching you.

Words give energy. Having people who can encourage you as well as speak positively about their own workout and goals will be energizing and help you work harder. On the other hand, working out with people who complain and moan all the time will make your advancement more difficult.

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