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Key Ways to Get out of the Basketball Rut

Basketball is an incredible sport and like any great sport it is easy to get in a rut that keeps you from advancing.  Break out of ruts and plateaus in your skill development and your basketball advancement,


Here are 5 Key Ways to Break Out of a Rut

1. Never say you are in a rut. Eliminate that language and start with a positive attitude. Speak life to create life.  Ruts happen because we speak them into existence and our bodies can become slaves to our thoughts.
2. Redefine success.  Ruts happen because we focus on matters outside of our control.  You can always control attitude, work ethic, mental toughness, and serving others.  Move away from being worried about how many shots you get in a game and playing time. These are the two biggest thieves of your basketball success.
3. Get diverse. Diversity in training and in life is super important. When we do the same workout the same way every day, we aren’t pushed to grow. Play a game of volleyball, try yoga, run, hike, swim, or play tennis. Get your muscles moving in different ways.
4. Look at a problem from a new point of view.  If, for example, you are the shortest person on your team, instead of feeling sad that you are the shortest person, find something to celebrate about this. Dive on the ground the most, be the hardest worker, work on your shooting so that you can be a high percentage shooter. 
5. Visualize.  Your mind is amazingly powerful. Spend time daydreaming and visualizing, as vividly as you can, the life you would like to be living and the type of game you would like to be playing.  This will aid your ability to move out of the rut and into a new level of growth.

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