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November 07, 2022   |   Tagged Motivation

12 Ways to Improve Confidence in Volleyball and Life

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12 Ways to Improve Confidence on the Volleyball Court

1. Eliminate all comparison

2. Deal with your own bitterness and hurt

3. De-escalate the intense joy or sorrow you connect to your children’s external success

4. Find excellence in what you pursue not what your kids pursue

5. Be resilient during hardship

6. Eliminate soul-sucking activities and instead do something to build your own talent

7. Get off social media if it is a waste of time

8. Set goals for yourself and be a higher achiever yourself

9. Value your children for who they are not what they do

10. Base your happiness on intrinsic values not on external success

11. Think more noble and wiser thoughts

12. Feel more joy, peace, and gratitude

NBC Volleyball

NBC has been a leader in sports psychology for over 50 years. Mental toughness is as important to train as volleyball technique. You can mechanically be a sound shooter, but without confidence, you cannot succeed. The four components of sports psychology are concentration, confidence, control, and commitment. NBC Volleyball brings expert advice to help you improve not only in these four key areas but in all aspects of the game. For more information visit nbcvolleyball.com.

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