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November 28, 2022   |   Tagged Coaching

Servant Leadership Volleyball Coaching

Nbc servant leadership volleyball

Are you a servant-leader volleyball coach?
The answer is found in the lives of your players—are they better, wiser, more free, and more autonomous and are your players also servant leaders?

Look at your team, these questions will help you determine how much servant leadership is present on your team.

Servant Leadership Questionnaire:

1. Service-- how well does your team serve each other?

2. Equality and dignity-- Is there a hierarchy where the “best” players are treated like aristocracy and the rest of the team like serfs?

3. Role models--Are your “best” players the best role models and the most willing to help others on the team?

4. Words—how well does your team navigate crisis and how well do they speak to each other and about each other?

5. Energy—does your team drain energy or give energy?

6. Improvement—does your team reach and surpass their goals?

This little assessment can help you clarify the work ahead of you this season. Start with the smallest, easiest task first and build momentum. Try one new task as a team for two weeks, once that is a habit, add something new. Stability, consistency, and dogged day-in and day-out commitment to one small change will do better than a huge rehabilitation plan.

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