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October 14, 2021   |   Tagged Skills,

How to Master the Float Serve

As a volleyball player moves up in their level, their skills improve as well. One of the biggest changes a player makes is incorporating a jump serve. The best tactic to improve a jump serve is usually to start out with a float. A float serve is a powerful tool to have because it has no spin similar to what you would see with a top. With no spin, the air catches the ball and moves it which makes it harder for the opponent to pass.

Here are some ways to master a float serve:

1. Hold the ball in your non-dominant hand and make sure it is eye-level.

2. Put your dominant elbow up and have it ready; your arms should look like a bow and arrow.

3. Use your hitting approach, on the third step toss the ball slightly up in front of your tossing shoulder and hit the ball with your palm, creating a full swing at the end.

Having an effective serve in volleyball is extremely important. It sets up the speed of the rally and it can give your team easy points. Using these volleyball tips can help you become a better player and better teammate.

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