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Six ways to improve your performance through PMA

How's your PMA?

Positive thinking is a principle to success at NBC Volleyball Camps and has been proven by researchers around the world. Positive Mental Attitude or PMA is defined as the philosophy that having an optimistic disposition in every situation in one’s life attracts positive changes and increases achievement. Sport psychologists suggest that an athlete's attitude has a significant influence on performance.  Studys have shown that athletes with an optimistic explanatory style (how an athlete explains to themself why they experienced a particular event) consistently outperform athletes with a pessimistic explanatory style. Again, I ask you, "How's your PMA?-- BOY AM I ENTHUSIASTIC!!"

Ways you can develop PMA

  • Believe in yourself – The first step to success is to believe you CAN do it.  Take the word CAN’T out of your vocabulary and start believing that you CAN.
  • Positive Self-Talk - Simply give yourself affirmations or say positive phrases that you can repeat over and over again. The more you do this the more automatic it will become when you face a task under pressure.
  • Mental Imagery or visualization – Create a visual picture of yourself doing the task correctly--the image along with your positive self-talk is a powerful combination.
  • Have a great attitude and get rid of negativity – Let go of anger, resentment and judgment.  Hanging on to the negativity will drain your energy.  Acknowledge those feelings, let them go and replace them with something positive.
  • Seek Wisdom – Don’t be afraid to seek help from coaches and your peers when you just can’t nail down a technique.
  • Surround yourself with positive people – Surround yourself with people who positively influence your life, speak the truth and support you.
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