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March 01, 2023   |   Tagged Skills,

Volleyball - Improve Your Energy!

The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results. -Tony Robbins

Volleyball is beloved for its amazing energy of team and connection to the power of the bond that forms playing this sport. Volleyball creates a community, unlike any other sport. Energy is important to protect physically on your team to play this game well but also emotionally to be able to work together with power, precision, dignity, and joy.

Energy comes from the Greek and means “living force.” The word first appeared in the works of Aristotle. Energy is a condition that describes the capacity to do work. Consider your current energy capacity your maximum ability. Notice what limits your capacity, what drains your energy, as well as what increases it. Find ways to expand your capacity for creative power. This month, take time to reflect on your current energy capacity.

  • What are you doing to increase your energy capacity?
  • Where do you spend your energy?
  • Is your energy going to what is most meaningful to you for your future as an athlete and a person?
  • How has this pandemic affected your energy level?
  • How can you build better energy on your volleyball team and in your home?

Great athletes and great people understand energy and use their energy in the best possible way to bring the greatest good. How about you?

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Key Principles for Energy Wisdom

Attitude and passion fuel energy. One of the biggest robbers of energy is boredom and apathy. This is a result of lack of meaning and purpose. Lack of meaning and purpose is a spiritual issue, the soul has no reason or forward goal. Passion is a heart issue, not a head issue. Consider why the heart/soul is lifeless and you will find the source for the energy crisis. This pandemic has rocked many people to their core and their beliefs about themselves and life have been exposed. If your energy is low, take a look at your faith. There is always a connection.

Real rest is vital. Great athletes find ways to make their energy laser-sharp. A focused level of energy on key parts of the game or life requires a high level of intensity. In order to sustain this intensity, the brain must have moments of pure rest where the it can be at peace. According to brain researchers from UCLA, the best way to rest the brain is meditation (prayer), a break and rest every 90 minutes during work or activity, and daydream walks where you let your mind imagine. Top athletes use these to be more focused on the volleyball court.

Energy is increased through habit. The more energetic you are, the more energy you have. You are what you repeatedly do. If you participate in low energy activities, eat heavy diets, and sit around often, you develop sluggish habits. Energy inspires more energy. Get accountable for your energy each day.

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Volleyball Energy

Energy is valuable to protect on the court. Notice what drains your energy.

Mistakes drain energy. One of the top core volleyball principles NBC Camps teaches is the discipline and work necessary to take care of the ball. Carelessness with passes, service mistakes, and lack of communication resulting in errors suck the energy out of a team. One of the best gifts you can give your team is to put in personal time every day to become masterful with your serving, passing and communication skills.

Focus on serving the team. Your energy gets drained if you are playing to try and prove yourself to other people whether it is the coach, your friends and family or even yourself. Get out of this energy waster by instead finding ways to make the team better. When you take your eyes off yourself, you play with greater freedom and less ego. Ego impairs judgment, causes selfish choices and exaggerates mistakes. Great players rise to the top. Put in the time and trust the process. Volleyball can create jealousy around scholarship offers. It's tough to be a better player but miss out on a D1 scholarship because of height. This can feel unfair. Trust that your love for something isn't wasted and that you are just the right height for the right path for your life.

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Energy for an Amazing Family

Being a fantastic family member requires the discipline to build quality energy habits at home. Unfortunately, it is easy to build destructive energy habits such as isolating, avoiding conversation, and fighting. Without a plan, we tend to make poor choices when we are tired, lonely, hungry, or angry. A home often is the place we drop our guard. We return after a long day hoping to let down. We can become angry because our house or the people in it don’t meet our expectations. We tend to pick poor ways to improve our energy:

  • Sugar/unhealthy snacks: Makes us more tired
  • TV and media: Increases brain fatigue
  • Fighting: Temporarily boosts adrenaline and makes us feel better but then we feel more isolated and in pain.

Solve this energy crisis by creating healthy energy habits for your home. Drink water and eat something that fuels your body immediately. Do not try and problem solve until you have finished dinner. Most arguments and fighting happen right before the dinner hour. Postpone any potentially argumentative issues until after you eat. Carve out time to be together as a family for fun conversation. Do not use this time to strategize schedules, or “to do” lists. Use this time to laugh and dream together.

Here are some great conversations to have together:

  • What has brought you joy lately?
  • Name someone you admire and why.
  • Recall a favorite family memory together.
  • What is one of your favorite—sports moments, books, characters, movies, places to travel?

The possibilities are limitless. Building a habit of fun time together will increase your energy and love for life. Your family deserves your best self, not the leftovers. Your energy to build a great family will be energy that comes back to you tenfold.

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