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Key Ways to Drain Your Opponent’s Energy on the Basketball Court

Great basketball players and teams understand how to interrupt the energy of the opposing team.

1. Harass the offense. Don’t allow an easy possession. 

2.  Frustrate your opponent by being disciplined. Don’t jump on their shot fakes or bite on their pass fakes. Instead stay diligent in the defensive principles you have been taught and force your opponent to make mistakes.

3. Control your energy while frustrating the opponent. John Wooden taught, “Be quick, but not in a hurry.”

4. It is vital to maintain your identity as a player, and as a team. Do not let anyone dictate your style of play. By dictating the tempo of the game you force your opponent to play outside their comfort zone.

5.  Outhustle your opponent – prove you want it more.
6. Be patient and focus – limiting mistakes and turnovers will deflate opponents.

 7. Control attitude and temper – showing opponents you are losing your cool is an open door for them to control the energy and momentum of the game.

8. Increase intensity after an opponent makes an error.


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