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July 06, 2023   |   Tagged Coaching,

Coach’s Quick Tips for Volleyball Tournament Time

Volleyball coach feedback

Coaches, here are some ways for you to be your best during tournament time. Volleyball tournaments can be long and mentally grueling.

Be Mentally Tough
Stay calm and have a plan to de-escalate your negative emotions. Coaches who pout, get ejected from the game, scream at players, lose their temper, shut down in paralysis are all coaches who haven’t learned to regulate their emotional well-being. Your team needs you to be mentally and emotionally tough-minded especially when the stakes are high.

Sensible Substitution
Have a practical and logical substitutional plan that doesn’t get erratic or nonsensical in the heat of the battle. Kids need to know their roles and will play poorly when they don’t understand why they are taken out of the game. Kids will play with fear if they are immediately benched for minor mistakes. Have a clear plan for substitution with ways to keep your players engaged, courageous, focused, and hopeful.

Pressure Serving
Serving is one of the most crucial factors to win games. Set up practice times where you have your players serve with something real at stake such as wind sprints or other consequences to heighten the pressure of the serves. Serves put the receiving team on defense if their passes are out of the system causing them to be unable to run an in-system set.

NBC Volleyball wants to encourage all teams and coaches in the tournament to keep volleyball in perspective, live with integrity, love well, and play the game with dignity and excellence.

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