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Volleyball Camp—Tips for Setters

Setter's Q & A's with Katie McCaffrey, NSCA-CPT, CSCS, Strength & Conditioning Specialist

   Q. How do you correct swayback or lordotic posture? A lot of setters
   increase this posture and it is a tell to blockers when they are about
   to set/back set.

   A. A great exercise to fix lordosis is the basic bridge (or plank).
   This is the perfect core exercise because it works the abdominal and
   back muscles in the exact way they were meant to function, for posture.
   Remember, perfect practice makes perfect so don't arch your back while
   holding the bridge. You should instead focus on sucking your belly
   button in toward your spine and roll your hips forward from the bottom
   in order to flatten your back. It's important to note that everyone has
   a natural lordotic curve in their back so don't worry about achieving a
   perfectly straight back.

   Q.  I am new to the setter position. After awhile my arms get tired.
   What is the best exercise to build strength in the shoulders and arms?

   A. Arm strength is essential to the setter position! Some exercises
   that will help build arm strength are chest press, shoulder press,
   tricep extensions, pushups and rows. Leg strength is also important so
   get on those squats, lunges and plyometric jumps as well.

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